Jun 202009

Hi, I’m Cicely. That is Princess’ name for me because I am a total sissy whore.

A few nights ago, I started to get “that urge” again – the urge that Princess has teased out of me after months of enforced dildo-sucking, the urge to head on down to the local bookstore for a taste of real cock. It’s not something that I ever do on my own, but because I know it brings Princess such pleasure, it is an activity that I perform enthusiastically for her over the phone. (Princess would probably point out at this point that it’s not like she has to actually “make” me go out and do it – usually, I am the one who initiates these outings, although I would swear on a case of my best lip gloss that my prime motivation is to hear her wonderful laugh.)

Anyway, the agreement was that I was to paint my lips a garish shade of cocksucker red and head on over to the bookstore to get used. I’ve done this maybe a dozen times now so I am getting quite a reputation down there. When I walk in it usually doesn’t take long for one of the guys there to lead me into the back for a session. Sometimes there’s even a bit of a scramble to get in line first because I guess my tight whore mouth is becoming quite legendary there.

My instructions from Princess for this visit were to not touch myself while worshiping the lucky cock, to make sure I took the load on my face, and to wear it out of the store. Then I was to call her again once I got home for some further humiliation before finally being allowed to cum. I am such an easily manipulated cum-dumpster at this point that I had no problem complying.

I quickly found my date for the night and we entered the glory hole section. Once he stuck his generously-sized cock through the opening in the wall I called Princess like I usually do so she could coach me through the session. Although, maybe “coaching” isn’t exactly the right word. She does offer explicit instructions on what to do, but what she enjoys most is making sure I understand what a cock-craver I really am. Knowing that I’m helpless with a cock in my line of sight, she orders me to kiss it when I’m begging to lick it, lick it when I’m begging to suck it, and generally unleashes a torrent of sensual abuse that gets my head spinning. Needless to say, nothing turns me into a better cock-gobbler than my desire to give her everything she wants. The special moment this night came when she ordered me to talk to “Mr. Cock” while I was servicing it. This meant I was to address it like royalty and declare my servitude to it, and to moan and whimper like a porn star while slobbering all over it. My slurping noises and sissy groans, along with my obvious humiliation, sent her into gales of laughter, which of course only increased my level of slutty desire.

After a few minutes of intense cock worship, I could sense my stud’s increased arousal and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before he blasted his load. There’s a kind of extra tension that starts to build in the sides of a man pole – all of us experienced whores have a sixth sense for it. Up to this point I had been controlling the action – his meat was sticking all the way through the hole and I had been sucking and stroking him with my hand. But now I dropped my hands to my sides, tightened my messy, lipstick-smeared lips and put my whore mouth almost right up to the hole. He got the hint and started pumping, first slowly and then at an increased tempo. Naturally I couldn’t talk with Princess at this point, but she could hear the slurps as his fat cock fucked my greedy mouth, which thrilled her. She urged me on as I helplessly let him plunge deeper and deeper into my throat. Finally I could feel him start to spurt, so I whipped off his condom and let him paste my face. The first blast actually shot into my mouth (I can’t help it – my whore instinct is always to open wide for a cum blast), but the ensuing spurts hit my cheeks and chin. So I was left with a face full of cum, while he quickly withdrew, zipped up his fly and left the store. I called out a thank you to him as he left, which also entertained Princess greatly.

I was kind of dazed after all this, but Princess made me stay on the phone with her as I exited the store with my lipstick all messy and my face covered with baby batter. I tried to avert my head as I passed the other customers, but I saw a few smirks as I fled the scene of my humiliation. It’s hard to describe the feeling – part shame but part exhilaration. Maybe some of you other sissies reading this will know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, my night wasn’t over. I had to drive home with the cum slowly drying on my face, and once I arrived I had to prepare for the final act. I set up my web cam, stripped naked except for my socks and called Princess again. She made me take a banana, rub it in my ass crack and wiggle against it like .. well, like the girly slut that I am. Once again the welcome sound of her laughter was in my ears. I humped the mattress while she watched and mocked me, and it wasn’t long before she had me begging to fuck the banana peel. Once she allowed me, I lubed up my cock and wrapped the peel around it. Then I started to pump it while she reminded me what a pathetic little sissy I was. Needless to say she never let me forget that I was still wearing a real man’s cum while I performed for her. It wasn’t long before I shot into the peel, whimpering as I released my load, and as a final humiliation I was then ordered to lick the cum out of the peel.

The entire evening was deeply degrading and humiliating. I had donned lipstick, been turned out like a cheap whore, forced to suck cock, been cum on, told what a nasty sissy I was, masturbated helplessly while being laughed at and finally eaten my own load from a sticky, slippery banana peel.

And I loved every moment of it.

ETA (by Me, Princess Jewel):
And then I tweeted about it to spread the word! Hehe!

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe I only just discovered this post.

    Cicely, you are such a lucky girl to have had this experience, and to be able to go to your local gloryhole on such a regular basis. It sounds like Princess Jewel was thoroughly entertained by the proceedings, and that’s what’s most important after all, isn’t it?… making Princess happy. Good Girl! 🙂

    Thanks for writing such a detailed, exciting entry! I loved your clear description of the sensations that tell you when a cock is ready to spurt. I need to learn those sensations too, so I can get better at knowing if I’m doing a good job. This should help me get lots of fresh cummies.