Nov 032010

feminized sissy ballsCumwhipper has been AWOL from calling Princess Jewel for awhile and his useless balls needed to be feminized and emasculated, so I decided to take the initiative and contact Her myself. CW had really let himself go. He had stopped shaving the Tweedles (his useless balls – Tweedledum and Tweedledee **giggles**), hadn’t sucked cock in weeks, and has been starting to feel lost without Her influence.

Princess was very happy to hear from me, and that made me so happy! She told me I had to get CW to shave the Tweedles and start getting myself dressed up again. Princess knows how much I’ve missed getting pretty for Her!

tiny penis all dressed upI made CW clean up all the nasty hair around me and shave the Tweedles to make them as clean and smooth as possible. I immediately felt better. I messaged Princess Jewel, and She and I caught up on what had been happening with me and CW. She really wants CW to call Her so she can take advantage of him and humiliate him, so we talked about ways to make that happen soon.

I got all gussied up by tying up the Tweedles with some blue fabric ribbon, tying it into a pretty bow on top! I took pictures for Princess and shared them with Her, and it was so much fun. Then Princess had (yet another) great idea: The Tweedles needed to have nipples! We’d talked about this before, but this time I was determined to make it happen for Princess. I used a glue gun to glue little eye-shaped white sequins with tiny little eyeballs in them, one to each of two press-on star stickers, and then I  pasted the stars onto the Tweedles. Voila! They had nipples. *teehee*

I took lots more pictures of me (Thumbelina – Cumwhipper’s tiny penis!) with the Tweedles wearing their new nipples, and even some with my favorite black satin bra on the Tweedles. Princess said She’d add a couple of Her favorite pictures here from our play time.

It’s so wonderful to be back in touch with Princess Jewel again. She’s my BFF! We’re going to get Cumwhipper back involved here on the cum eating blog, as well. He needs to get back to sucking cocks and eating lots of splooge for Princess ASAP!

Thank you SOOOO much for the wonderful time, Princess Jewel!



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