Dec 092010

I am a regular man.  My life is relatively normal.  I did not know I would be turned into a sissy cum smoker.   However, what I thought would simply be a passing fetish, or perhaps one that I would share with my future significant other, perhaps a future wife, turned into something much more, and as it turns out-with someone else.

I have certain “proclivities”, distinctive facets of my sexual psyche, which control me. I am addicted to them. Number one: I have a smoking fetish. I see a woman smoke and I am totally mesmerized. If she is wearing lipstick I am further doomed. Number 2: Dominant manipulative women. (I get weak and of course she has to be sexy). Those two things combined make for a powerful combination. In fact, so much do these things control me that (thank god I am good looking) I ended up putting on coats of red lipstick and smoking, exhaling at myself in the mirror. I was young, in my teens when I began doing this. Searching for a dominant woman, the right dominant woman to guide me in my fetish was not easy. Then I called Niteflirt and spoke to HER, Princess Jewel.

I did not know then, nor do I know now, on what sissy journey she will next take me. Every time I hear her voice, Her spell, Her control becomes greater and greater. So much so, that I add more money and more money and even more money to my account, just to continue to be under her sweet intoxicating control. I long to love Her, to be seduced into love through my own sissy smoking weakness and sexual sissy needs. Princess Jewel takes supreme delight in making me squirm.

First Princess Jewel makes me buy sissy cigarettes, Virginia Slims Menthols. Then I am directed to put on think coats of creamy lipstick or gloss as sometimes I have to smoke in car for her, either parked or while driving. I am told to exhale and confess my sissiness, and my love for smoking, for lipstick and for Her. Princess Jewel then began incorporating cock sucking and craving cum into our session regimen. I was ordered to smoke and exhale like a faggot, sexy, speaking through exhales “I love you princess. I love smoking and I crave cock.” Princess laughs and is relentless in her control. She giggles telling me “Now sissy, take a nice long drag of your cigarette. As you exhale I want you to tell me that you love smoking, you love Me and you love the taste of cum.” I do as she orders, cooing into the phone, watching a sexy streams of white creamy smoke push forward from my red sissy lips.

During the past few sessions Princess has taught me to “smoke my cum”. Princess orders me to edge for her, so that i am leaking sissy precum. She then directs me to stroke the lipsticked stained filter of my long sissy cigarette over my sissy hole, accumulating as much precum as possible, coating the filter. I am then instructed to bring it up to my lips and suck the cigarette, the smoke and the cum off the filter. I coo as i exhale. This action binds me to Her, to smoking and to cum. She knows this and it makes me crave Her even more. Oooooooooo!

Princess I need You. Please continue to keep me under Your spell and continue my sissy smoking training.

Your smoking sissy 🙂

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  1. You’re a “regular man”… Hahahaha! Yeah right. You’re My addicted, brainwashed little smoking sissy slut… and you love it! 😉 You now have permission to squirt.