Jul 202010

I had a great time tormenting one of My girly cum eaters tonight!  He has been calling Me for a couple of months now, and had been getting totally addicted to Me.  So, tonight I thought I would test just how devoted his little sissy dick is to Me and ruin his orgasm.

I love making you sissy cum eaters squirm and this call was no exception.  I told My little bitch that he had to totally turn his little cock over to Me and that we were going to ruin his orgasm.  I teased him and told him what a little sissy cum eater he is until he was about ready to squirt.  But, of course I wouldn’t let him.  I totally love the torture you sissy sluts go through when I ruin your orgasms.  Hehe.  It’s great to hear you torment your horny little girly cocks for Me.

Since it was his first time ruining an orgasm, only a little bit of sissy juice oozed out.  But that’s ok!  The important part was that I got to hear the complete torment of stopping the orgasm once it had already started.  Such sweet torture!  Once he settled down a bit, I let him slurp down the cum that oozed out of his sissy stick and then drove him crazy until he really came.  And boy did he cum!  I thought he was going to shoot his little dick right across the room.

My little cum eater had never squirted like that before and I love that it has totally addicted him to Me now (as if he wasn’t already).  Call Me now, you little cum eater, and I’ll torment and ruin your orgasm too.  You won’t believe how much you love My deliciously deviant torment!

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