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Cumwhipper's feminized ballsPrincess Jewel and I were chatting, and she reminded me that we’d only been back in touch for TEN DAYS! I told her it didn’t seem possible that it had only been that short a time. She and I have already accomplished SO much in that time, and Princess asked me to list my achievements in a blog entry. Of course, without the wonderful and insightful guidance of Princess Jewel, none of this would have been possible.

Princess says that the more we make Cumwhipper get lost in his perversions, the more he’ll be distracted, and the more we can play and I can have space to reach my potential.

So, here is my list of achievements so far,Ā  in pink and purple (Princess Jewel’s favorite color!)…

  • Convincing Cumwhipper to get rid of all of his nasty pubic hair – This was one of the first things that Princess insisted making happen. She had me remind him to do it, and within one day, he’d used a depilatory cream and made all that awful hair go away. He’ll have to do this on a regular basis!
  • Making CW use baby shampoo on me every day to make me as silky smooth and soft as possible – This was a joint idea of both Princess and mine. The baby shampoo leaves me feeling smooth to the touch šŸ™‚
  • Putting on lipshine and perfume every day – I can’t believe how girly this makes me feel. I make CW apply the perfume to both me and his pathetic balls, which brings me to the next achievement…
  • Feminizing the Tweedles – For those who haven’t heard, the Tweedles (Tweedledum and Tweedledee *giggles*) are CW’s balls. Princess and I have been gradually making them more and more feminine. Some of the ways we’ve been doing this are:
    • Keeping them shaved and smooth – the baby shampoo helps with that!
    • Applying perfume to them every morning
    • Turning them into my BOOBIES! – Oh my gosh, this was a genius idea that both Princess and I cooked up. I was talking about wishing I had boobs, and Princess suggested we might somehow use the tweedles as my boobies. To do that, we first ordered a doll’s bra through Amazon – there are pictures of this in another of my posts. But the latest thing is that we made CW go and buy some pretty satin and lace fabric, and now he’s making bras for his own balls. *teeheeee*. Believe it or not, they actually look sort of pretty in the latest pictures. Princess Jewel said she’d post one of them here.
  • Making Cumwhipper go to the glory hole – He hadn’t been there in AGES, and Princess and I basically talked him into going back. She’s had him sucking on his dildo whenever he eats cummies, making him do his cockfirmations on a regular basis, and even having me remind him to sleep with the dildo next to him on his pillow every night. He didn’t stand a chance! *giggles* He went yesterday, sucked two cocks, swallowed a load of cummies, and even wrote a blog entry here about it. Now, he’ll be returning there for sure!

See how much has happened in just ten days?!!! I’m feeling so girly now, IĀ  sometimes forget I’m trapped in a nasty penis šŸ™‚

I love you, Princess Jewel!


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  3 Responses to “Thumbelina’s Whirlwind of New Achievements”

  1. Between you and I, Thumbelina, Cumwhipper doesn’t stand a chance! Don’t forget about all the pretty new things we bought for you (and Me!) with Cumwhipper’s credit card. Hehe. Your new locket looks lovely in your cleavage.

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      OMG, yes Princess! CW will freak out when he gets the bill, but by then he’ll probably be so cock-obsessed he’ll barely notice. *giggles* Shopping with you is SOOO much fun! Boys will never understand why we just can’t get enough of it.

      Oh, and thank you for complementing how the locket looks! We have to think of something to put inside it.


  2. Yes, we’ll have to buy you some more things before the Cumwhipper’s credit card bill cums in. Besides, he’ll be too busy practicing at the glory hole to notice.

    For your locket, we’re going to let a few of Cumwhipper’s pubes grow back in and then snip them off and keep them in your locket! Hehe. This will totally symbolize his complete loss of masculinity!