Aug 012010

Thumbelina GirlyHello all!

Princess Jewel told me to join this blog.

I’m the pretty girl that lives inside Cumwhipper’s ugly penis. I’m striving to be as pretty and as girly as possible, and Princess is helping me along.  There will be posts along the way about my journey  🙂

Also, we like to gang up on Cumwhipper, so there may be some posts about how we take advantage of that dummyhead  😉



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  4 Responses to “Hello everyone! It’s Thumbelina”

  1. Thumbelina, have Cumwhipper send Me your pic and I will upload it for you!

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    I sent 3 pics for you to choose from, Princess!

    I did it all by myself using my Yahoo account. I don’t need CW’s help. I’m an independent girl, after all! 🙂


  3. OK, Thumbelina – I added your pretty pic to your blog post and made you your own avatar!

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    Thank you Princess Jewel! Isn’t that a cute little outfit?!