Sep 062009

I hope this blog entry is not too presumptuous.

Though Princess Jewel likes to remind me what a sissy I am, she is aware that my true wish is to serve Her orally – and I don’t mean Her strap-on. To be able to plant a delicate kiss on Her delectable ass, or even better, to suck and service Her pussy on Her command, is what I would love to do more than anything.

Of course I realize this will never happen, even if I were to have the honor of meeting Her in person. She is much more content to send my sissy mouth out to the glory hole palace to get rammed by man meat.

But now that She has accustomed me to to my role as a cum dumpster, I just want the world to know that I would go to virtually any length to get even a fleeting taste of her Princess Juice. And that means that I would gratefully clean Her out with my tongue after some stud unloaded into Her, lovingly scooping out his cum as a sign of devotion to Her. Or (more likely) she would only allow me to taste Her indirectly. This means She would bring home a stud, seduce him into fucking Her – but not to the point of orgasm – and then deliver his cock, with Her luscious juices on it, into my eager slut mouth, so She could enjoy having her way with both of us.

My name is Cicely and I approved this message.

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