Nov 182010

Lately I’ve been wondering if it’s even possible for me and My sissy lips to be more submissive to Princess Jewel. After all, She now has me running off to the glory hole on a fairly regular schedule, noisily slurping dick for Her amusement, and getting cum on by one or more stunt cocks while She listens. It’s not hard to conclude that this is about as low as a sissy can go on the dignity scale.

Still, the hunger to push the envelope in order to make Her happier still nags at me: How can I become even more servile? How can I show Her that I am willing, even eager, to be even more of a sissy tramp in order to please Her? What can I possibly do to symbolically express my complete, abject surrender to Her?

And so a thought comes to me. It’s a small gesture, admittedly, but symbolically significant. The next time I go to the glory hole palace I’m going to try something new. After I prep that night’s lucky Mr. Cock with my usual kissing, teasing and tugging, and after a little bit of the patented Candy Lips sensual cocksucking, I’m going to surrender. By which I mean I am going to give up all control of the situation and let The Cock have its way with my mouth.

One thing I’ve noticed when whoring for Princess is that the cocks can get pretty aggressive. If I don’t move my head back, or use my hand to help dictate the pace of the action, those glory hole beasts would really pound away hard at my perfect wet lips. As a provider, I prefer to suck cock sensually, but it occurs to me that a true sissy slut doesn’t impose her will on the cock, but rather surrenders to it.

And what is the universal sign of surrender? Hands up, palms outward, signifying submission.

So the next time I head over to the book store, I am going to get on my knees, do my usual sissy cock teasing action for a while, get the Stud Cock all worked up, and then submit to it in the most complete fashion possible. I’m going to place my hands above my head on the wall in front of me and give up all control, as a gift to Princess. My slut mouth will be totally vulnerable to the cock exploring it. It can pump my lips slowly, it can poke and explore the wet hole I’m offering it, it can fuck my face hard and fast, or it can force its way down my throat and make me gag. It can make me whimper and slobber. It can do whatever it wants. And the whole time my hands will be helplessly against the wall in front of me, unable to slow the cock down or keep it away. I will not pull my head away so I can speak to Princess, as I usually do. Instead, I will simply be the servile sissy cocksucker of Princess Jewel’s dreams and I will love knowing that I am entertaining Her and making her giggle as she tenderly (or viciously) urges me on.

Thank You, Princess, for teaching me how to be the very best girl I can be for You.

Nov 142010

Thanks to Princess Jewel, Cumwhipper finally sucked his first black cock!  This past week, Princess Jewel helped me contact several guys on a cruising site that I’ve used to find bookstores with glory holes, and to find guys to hook up with to practice sucking cock. One of the guys is black and has a huge cock. His profile actually has pictures of his cock, and of guys sucking it. I’d exchanged emails with him before, but we’d never connected. This time, Princess helped me find just the right words to say in my email to entice him, and sure enough, he said he was interested in hooking up soon, and he gave me his phone number!

Until now, I’d never sucked black cock or tasted black cock cum, so I was pretty excited by the prospect of attempting to suck on this monster cock and taste its cum. Well, tonight, with Princess Jewel’s help, it finally happened!

Princess has been denying me orgasms (or, as She likes to say, not letting me squirt or letting Thumbelina “throw up”) since Tuesday. That’s a LONG time for me, and was sheer torture at points. The Tweedles were really complaining that they were backed up and needed to squirt, but Thumbelina and Princess Jewel worked together to make sure I didn’t cum. I watch a lot of porn, and so stopping short of cumming was really tough at points, but I really wanted to be a good girl for Princess. Princess Jewel had a plan to get me so horny that I’d do whatever I needed to do to suck cock for her.

Today was an exciting day all around. I got a new shipment of cum, and it was a LOT! I divided it up into three separate jars and labeled each jar so if I get other shipments I will to be able to keep all my cum straight! After that, I dropped off two containers at yet another guy’s apartment building so he could start working to fill them up (this is a guy Princess had me suck a couple months ago). That will take a couple weeks at least, but now I have more cum in the works from him.

After all these exciting developments, I decided to call the guy with the monster black cock and see if he was ready to hook up. We set a time for me to show up at a location a few minutes from where he lives. I went there, but he didn’t show.  I was so disappointed, but fortunately, it ended up being a misunderstanding. He was expecting me to call him as soon as I got to the agreed-on location, and I was expecting him to just show up. After 20 minutes I finally called from my cellphone, but it went to voice mail. When I got home, there was a message from him apologizing for the mix-up. We both still wanted to do it, so we set another time for a little later, and I was so desperate and horny that I went back to the same location and called him. He showed up within a few minutes.

We went to his place, and we got comfortable. He stripped down. I took my shirt and shoes off. He wanted me between his knees as he lay back on the couch, so he could see everything. He gave me a lot of direction, which was a good thing for this sissy cock whore. It made me feel at ease. He wanted me to go slowly and enjoy it. He told me to start by licking his cock and not to take it into my mouth until it was hard. I spent a fair amount of time licking his cock and even licking and sucking the balls. Gradually he grew into a big black monster cock! It had to be at least 8.5″, and probably 9″ fully hard. Pretty intimidating, but I tried to relax and take it slowly, as he suggested. Finally, he told me to put the tip in my mouth. I licked and sucked the head and slowly started working more and more cock into my sissy cocksucking whore mouth.

Eventually I decided I wanted to see how much I could take, and I pushed my head as far down as I could. I got a good bit in my throat, but gagged after a few seconds. He said to get it wet – that it would make it easier to get deeper in my throat, so I spit and drooled on the cock and spread all the spit up and down the shaft. I challenged myself and sucked it deeper and deeper – occasionally getting almost the entire cock in my mouth and throat. (My throat is still a little sore now, but it was SO worth it!) I LOVED having the head of that cock piercing my throat. I did gag a few more times, but it was less each time. He was loving watching me take his huge cock so deep and holding it in my throat. At points he was holding my head and talking dirty to me: “Oh yeah, suck that big black cock!”, and “You love sucking that cock, don’t you?!”. I mumbled an affirmative – It’s hard to talk with your mouth full of big black cock!! 🙂

Finally, after a good 30 minutes at least, he let me know that he wanted me to make his cock cum. This was a good thing, because my mouth and tongue were getting really tired. I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough stamina to make that cock cum. I probably need more endurance training! He said to speed up my strokes. He told me I didn’t have to go really deep, but he wanted fairly long, rhythmic strokes. I wiggled my tongue on the underside of the head and shaft of that beautiful cock as I started speeding up my strokes. I went faster and faster, and his legs tensed up. I knew this cock would cum soon. He told me I was going to “get a reward”, and it just made me suck harder and faster! Finally his cock started cumming. It didn’t really shoot out fast. I was able to keep up with it and swallow it all. Most of it went straight down my whore throat. As he wound down, I got to really taste the last few drops as I squeezed them out of the tip with my lips and tongue. It was yummy!

I think I did a good job, and I think he’s open to letting me suck his cock again. If I’m a lucky girl, I’ll get to suck that big black cock on a regular basis.

Princess Jewel made all of this possible. If She hadn’t enforced the “no squirting” rule, I may not have had the motivation to follow through with sucking my first big black cock. Princess Jewel is so good at making us sissy cock whores do what She wants us to do. Now I know why I missed her guidance so much.

Princess Jewel is the greatest!!!

Oct 232010

… is gonna get his cock sucked tonight. And not just by any whore — but by me, Candy Lips, whom Princess has transformed into the hottest little dick sucker in the county.

I’m not sure exactly how this happened. When I first started speaking with Princess, I was just another sissy, lingerie-wearing dildo worshipper. I was cock-curious, I suppose, but mostly I just liked the symbolism of being a submissive slut. But over the course of about a year (Princess is very patient), She slowly guided me into realizing that I was a bigger whore than I initially realized, and that my true destiny lay in the local glory hole palace, where there was an endless supply of real cock for a budding blowjob superstar to practice on. And finally the day came when I worked up the nerve to enter the bookstore, find a guy with a hard dick, and get on my knees and please my Princess by sucking cock while she alternately teased, egged me on and humiliated me over the phone.

Princess says that this drive is really more about me than about Her, but I think She sells Herself short. There is simply no way I would ever have done this without Her training and encouragement, and it was my intense desire to show Her my devotion that took me over the line. I never do this on my own, only for Princess. I am so grateful for everything She has done to help me see my place – on my knees for Her.

She doesn’t have to do anything anymore to get me ready. The drive is now implanted in my brain – every once in a while I simply get The Need to get on my knees and suck a hard cock for Princess’ amusement. I can’t help it – I am now Her brainwashed, zombie cocksucker: Get the urge, inform Princess, put on glossy lipstick, enter bookstore, find cock, call Princess, see cock, kiss cock, caress cock, beg Princess for cock while she taunts me, lick cock, tease cock, drool on cock, submit to cock, suck cock, get my mouth fucked hard, let cock cum on my face.

It’s going to happen again tonight. Some lucky guy is going to get his cock sucked by my wet, red eager lips. While Princess giggles and reminds me what a slut I am.

I can’t wait.

Aug 202010

What a lucky little glory hole cock sucker to wind up with a lollipop dripping with cum!  I got an IM from one of My sissy girlz tonight, ’cause he was hungry for man cream.  And when I get a message like that from him, it can only mean one thing.  He’s craving a big juicy dick and I’m going to make him go get one at the glory hole.

But he can’t just prance off and get what he wants, though.  First I totally humiliate him and remove any sort of masculinity that he thinks he might have.  Hehe.  Let’s just say that this stage involved ass wiggling, begging, degradation and and nice spanking on his sissy ass with a belt.

When I was satisfied that he was sufficiently humiliated, I told him that he could be My glory hole cock sucker tonight.  But he had specific instructions.  He had to enter the adult bookstore wearing his lipstick and sucking a lollipop.  Otherwise – no cock sucking for him!

So like a good bitch, he followed My instructions exactly.  I can only imagine what he looked like prancing around in the bookstore before he went into the sleazy glory hole booths.  He called Me when there was a nice juicy cock sticking through the hole all ready for him to suck off like a whore.

I have to say, it was one of his best performances!  It involved lots of cock worship and complete emasculation.  But one of the best parts was the ‘glug,glug, glug’ noise he made as the cock fucked his face over and over again!

I totally put him through his paces while he sucked that cock and when it finally squirted a big load of man cream, I made him spray it all over the lollipop!  Like a good girl, My little sissy slut twirled the cum around on the lollipop and then slurped it off!  What a whore.  For being such a good girl, I was going to let him play with his little sissy clit and squirt for Me, but all of a sudden, we got a surprise!

A second cock poked its way through the hole for My sissy slut to suck off.  I loved it!  I told him he was not allowed to touch himself until he was done servicing all the cocks that happen to cum through that hole.  After all, that’s what his slutty face it for – servicing cock!  So My lucky little glory hole cock sucker got to eat two loads of cum off of his lollipop.  Wait- make that three loads of cum that he twirled around on that lollipop and licked up like a slut.  I made him eat his own jizz too!

Aug 042010

Thumbelinas New BraPrincess Jewel and I ordered a doll’s bikini top and we’ve used it as a bra for Cumwhipper’s balls (the tweedles – Tweedledum and Tweedledee!). Now I have boobies of my own!   Hooray!

I think Princess will be putting up some pictures we took of the Tweedles in the bra, and of me posing with my new boobies. I hope my new boobs look sexy. I need to start looking for a boyfriend, after all!

Princess Jewel has so many ideas for making the tweedles be very girly, and we’re having so much fun already.

Princess also had some advice for me about CW : Whenever Cumwhipper starts thinking about getting a girlfriend, I’m supposed to go totally limp, but when he thinks about cocks and cummies, I’m to dance around in his pants like I’m a happy girly. She says doing these things will help keep him focused on important stuff, like wanting to suck cocks and harvest cum, instead of thinking about girls! *teehee*

I’m going to try to keep a photo diary of all the things we do to the tweedles, and all my new makeup adventures and outfits. Look for more pictures to come soon!



Jun 142009

Most of you who know Me know all about My Sissy, Sissy Faggot Song. In fact, most of you have probably sung it with Me.  But tonight I had a phone sex call with screw driver boy and I made up a new little song for him to sing.  He loved it so much that he creamed his panties right away.

Poor little sissy bitch was waiting for Me to log on to NiteFlirt all night too.  He had to wait a few hours because I had more important things to do than to humiliate him.  Things like giving Myself a pedicure, taking a long shower and deep conditioning My hair.

Actually, it was pretty funny because he told Me how he loved to be humiliated and fucked over.  Um… fucked over?  Heh!  I made it quite clear to screw driver boy that saying that to Me was quite dangerous.  Fucked over – hahaha! – I could ruin him completely.

Anyway, after we cleared that up, I told him that I was going to have to really humiliate him.  I was trying to think of a little chant, but I couldn’t think of anything that rhymed with screw driver.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Don’t you hate it when a panty boy is humping his panty bump on his mattress wiggling his ass and you can’t think of a good rhyme for screw driver?!

But don’t worry, it didn’t take Me long to cum up with some thing quite humiliating for phone sex screw driver boy!  We had been talking about the blog post which I wrote about making Sissy Dick say “I love to hump my panty bump!” So, I came up with a little variation on that.

I had this poor horny little sissy bitch rub his panty bump on the corner of the mattress while he was standing there with his legs spread and his ass wiggling.  Then I told him his new chant.  I made him sing “I love to stuff My rump while I hump My panty bump!”  HAHAHA!  Actually, that’s not quite true.  I made him say that ridiculous rhyme – he’s the one who chose to sing it.

It was sos funny.  I couldn’t stop laughing and, of course, that just got screw driver panty boy even more excited.  He was so worked up that I let him cream his panties while he sang his song – “I love to stuff My rump while I hump My panty bump!”  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Apr 292009

Sissy Cicily has been getting a lot of press lately.  But, since I have a vegetable boy, I guess I should have a fruit boy too.  Sissy Cicily’s night of debauchery started when he emailed Me and told Me that he was going to a strip club.  Then he said that if he didn’t get off, I might have an opportunity later.  Um… what?

I don’t think so.  I made him rephrase that completely like a good girl.  I might have an opportunity?  Yeah right.  So, he realized his mistake and told Me what he really meant was that he knew he had no possibility of getting off from the strip club and that if he was very lucky, he would be able to be My sissy bitch when he was totally teased and denied by the strippers.  Much better.

So, of course, fruit boy called Me a few hours later from the glory hole.  I have listened to this bitch suck cock before.  It doesn’t get old though.  Hehe.  But I did put a new twist on it.  Sissy Cicily loves to suck cock so much that it takes him no time at all to squirt.  Since he started out the night with such a rudely phrased request, I had to make him squirm.

I listened to him slurp and suck and gag and choke and told him to suck, suck, suck.  He was so hot and so excited from being a faggot cock sucker.  I told him to take the load of cum in his face and wear it home!  I wasn’t going to let him squirt so quickly that night.

Poor little bitch reallllllly wanted to cum then and there, but I told him he was lucky to get to cum at all.  And to drive home with a face full of cum.

He called Me back about a half an hour later when he got home – with a crusty cummy face.  But the best was yet to cum!  I wanted him to tease himself more by wiggling his ass and sissy dicklet on something.  What did he have – a banana!  Hahaha!

I made him tease himself and wiggle all over that banana when he said he wanted to fuck the skin!  HAHAHAHA!  Was there a full moon in the last few days?  Cause you sissy sluts have really been on a roll lately.  Being the generous Princess that I am, I told him that he could hump the banana skin if he squirted on the banana and ate it up like a sissy sundae!

That really got him going too!  I was calling him a cock sucking banana humper and all sorts of humiliating stuff.  The more I called him a banana humper, the more excited he got.  Too much!  Finally, I allowed him to squirt his sissy cum all over the banana and eat it like his sissy sundae. What a way to eat cum – by having a Saturday night sissy sundae!

Call Me and you can be My cum eating fruit humper too!

Humiliated cum eating sissy cock sucker

Mar 312009

I know that you faggot sluts have to imagine that you are real men every once in a while.  It’s actually pretty funny.  YouFemdom phone sex for cum eaters get to feeling all masculine and manly, and you decide that you are no longer cock sucking sissy faggots.  I’ve seen it happen lots of times.  You decide that your cum eating and cock sucking cravings will no longer haunt you and you throw out all of your girly toys and clothes.  Big Mistake!

One of My cock sucking sissy sluts called Me last week.  Turns out he had done exactly what I just described.  But, of course, the cock sucking urges didn’t go away and when he called Me, he was desperate to suck like a sissy whore.  I just love to take advantage of desperately horny sissy bitches, and this was no exception!

I made My slut get two big juicy strawberries and call Me.  I have to say, I had lots of fun making him slurp those juicy strawberries.  I made him tease himself with one first.  He was allowed to lick and slurp, but not allowed to suck it yet.  Hehe.   He had to amuse Me enough first to earn that privilege.

Sissy boy sounded just like he did when I listened to him suck cock at the glory hole.  He was slurping that strawberry like such a cock sucking whore!  I finally let him suck the strawberry like the cock whore he is.  He loved it!  In fact, I know that he loves sucking cock so much that he can’t help but squirt practically right away, so I made sure to give him very specific squirting instructions.  Hehe.

That’s when I made him My strawberries and cream, cum eating bitch!  I told him that he was to cum all over the second strawberry and then to slurp it up like a cum starved whore.  That really did it!  The thought of eating his own cum off of that strawberry got him so excited that he squirted practically right away.  I loved making him eat it up – just like a strawberries and cream, cum eating bitch!

Feb 192009

It seems I’ve created a cock sucking monster.  Well, as much of a monster as a sissy can be!  Lol.  I got an email from one of My girly whores today saying that it was like he was under a spell.  A cock sucking spell.  He just couldn’t get his mind off of cock, so he wanted to get his mouth on to cock.

Off to the glory hole My cock sucker went.  He had strict orders to wear only a bra and panties.  I wanted his bare knees on the sleazy floor while his throat got fucked.  And that’s pretty much what happened.  My sissy boy begged and begged to touch the hefty cock that was poking through the hole, and then to suck it adoringly.

I listened as he slurped and licked and sucked that cock, but told him he was not allowed to cum until he had a face full of cum.  Hehe.  That really sent him over the edge though.  My order gave him just the little push he needed to slide the condom off that glory hole cock and to suck it bare back.

What a little cum whore he turned into!  He loved tasting the cock without a condom on it.  He loved devouring the cock without a condom on it.  Then he loved stroking it right in front of his face.  What a good glory hole girl!  He stroked that hard cock and made it splatter all over his face.  I could tell by his voice the moment of impact.  🙂

When My glory hole sissy cock sucker cum facial girl (lol-what a slut!) was covered with cum and was finally allowed to touch his sissy clit, he shot his own sissy cum load in about 30 seconds.  I love getting this cock sucker more and more addicted to cock – and hearing him get a fresh cum facial was like the cherry on top!