Nov 082010

I took a break from speaking with Princess Jewel, thinking that I could regain some of my lost masculinity. I tried to make a clean break, and even tried calling a few other mistresses. They were okay, but my ability to stay focused on them for any length of time seems to be dwindling. In fact, I felt disenchanted fairly quickly.

Meanwhile, Thumbelina was missing Princess Jewel more and more, and finally, Thumby decided to take the initiative for both of us and reach out to Princess Jewel. (Thumby has more courage than the sissy boy she’s attached to, it seems). Thumby IM’d Princess, and Princess was very forgiving, and told Thumby that I would be welcome to call Her again any time.

When Thumbelina told me that, I realized how much I’d been missing Princess Jewel’s guidance. As luck would have it, at almost exactly the same time, Niteflirt finally re-enabled all their recorded listings. I immediately sampled many of Princess Jewel’s recordings…

All of them are amazing, wonderful recordings, but my favorites are “COCK Tease for Faggot Cock Suckers”, in which Princess describes in detail how she’ll tease you by waving a fat cock in front of your face, not allowing you to suck it until she gives her permission, and “You’re a Sissy, Sissy Faggot!”, which is a wonderful song that Princess improvises, which includes all kinds of taunts and emasculating lyrics.

After hearing Princess’s voice again, I realized just how much I’d been missing Her exquisite humiliation and how good it feels to surrender my masculinity to, and for, Her. It’s like a wonderful drug that I’m finding more and more difficult to live without.

I called Princess and, after making me apologize and explain why I’d been away for so long, we had a wonderful session.

She made me whip up two full shotglasses full of cum and then, after an appropriate amount of pleading and begging, allowed me to gobble down all those tasty cummies s fast as I could. I think Princess wanted me to eat so much cum that I’d get a tummy ache, but after all the cum I’ve eaten, it would take lots more to make me feel sick. I like having a tummy filled with yummy cummies!

Next, I had to use my spoon to fling whipped cum at my face as I recited cockfirmations. Princess got a big kick out of how messy my face got. It was so much fun.

Finally, Princess had me do a TON of cockfirmations as I worshiped “Mr. Cock” (my big, lifelike black dildo). She allowed me to cover Mr. Cock in whipped cummies and then lick and suck them off Mr. Cock. I also had to pretend Princess was with me and pushing my head down on Mr. Cock, as I took him as deep in my throat as I could, and then held it there until I started gagging. Oh, how Princess loved to hear me gag on Mr. Cock!

While I was away from Princess I didn’t get any shipments of cum, and now, just two days since reconnecting with Her, I got word that one of my sources has a new shipment ready to send! I realize now that if I keep working to be a devoted slave to Princess Jewel that I will get all the cocks and cummies I need.

Thank You for taking me back, Princess Jewel!



Sep 112010

Princess Jewel had been planning this splooge fest for a while it seems. She knew I’d eventually have cum from other guys and that She’s be able to use my weakness for it against me.

Tonight was my first “splooge-a-palooza”.

As I did various emasculating and degrading things with cum from two other guys (and with my own cum), I was commanded to say “splooge-a-palooza!”. At one point I had my mouth filled to overflowing with whipped cum and pre-cum and was blowing bubbles with it. When the cum bubbles foamed up and out of my mouth and started building up on my face, I either used “Mr. Cock” (my big black dildo) to push all the mess back into my mouth, or I had to use my spoon to catch the cum bubbles it as they ran down my face and then snort it all up into my nose. Princess Jewel was laughing so hard from all of this She was almost in tears. That made me want to do it even more.

Princess reminded me that She’d told me if I sucked more cocks, I’d get to eat more cum, and She was right. Princess is ALWAYS right. Guess I’ll be sucking even more cocks very soon for Princess Jewel.



Jul 312010

I don’t remember how long ago it was that I did my last call with Princess Jewel – over 2 years, perhaps (WAY too long) – and I’d almost forgotten how deliciously dominating she is. And that laugh is still among the sexiest and hottest I’ve ever heard.

I did a nice long call with Princess Jewel last night, and she put me through the wringer… and I loved every minute of it. The festivities included whipping up cum (both mine and another boy’s), having to make lines of whipped cum on my dildo and then snort it up my nose like cocaine, slapping the cum-covered dildo against my face, deepthroating the dildo, blowing pre-cum bubbles and then spreading the bubbly mess around on my face with the dildo, shooting whipped cum at my face and trying to hit different targets – what an incredible call.

Princess finally allowed me to squirt, but only after some intense dildo worship and making me recite affirmations like “I NEED real cock!” and “Good cocksuckers get to eat lots of cummies” over and over again as a start on reconditioning me to crave real cock. Princess says I must always combine sucking my dildo and reciting these affirmations with whenever I whip up and eat cummies, as a way to eventually get to the point where my desire to suck real cocks becomes irresistible. After how Princess made me feel last night, that day may not be far off!

I was finally allowed to “squirt cummies for cock” with whipped cum and the dildo in my mouth. I came so hard I almost passed out.

It’s so wonderful to be back in touch with Princess Jewel. She knows just what I need.   🙂

Jul 282010

Princess Jewel told me to write a post about my new cum source, so here goes…

I check in on eBanned occasionally, looking to see if anyone is auctioning off cum. Almost always, it’s cum in condoms (blechh- it totally ruins the taste!), or on panties, etc., but when I looked a few weeks ago, a new seller on the site was auctioning off a very interesting-sounding item: “Container full of Good Clean CUM! Over 30 loads worth!”. I checked it out immediately and it sounded perfect. I immediately put in a bid, but someone had an automatic high bid in. It took me a few more bids to beat that. I monitored it for the next couple days and had to outbid that same buyer again. I finally won the bid for $62!

This is a new woman seller on eBanned (and her boyfriend), and she was very good about communication and open to my suggestions about how to best pack the cum, etc..

Within a few days, I got the shipment, and have since done a couple sessions, whipping it up and tasting it. It has a salty flavor and a bit stronger aroma than my cum. It also whips up more slowly and doesn’t get as thick as my cum. A nice contrast, though. It’s always fun to sample new cummies!

I hope to be doing a session with Princess Jewel soon, and I’ll certainly have some of this cum thawed and ready to whip.

The woman on eBanned is open to doing ongoing collecting and periodic shipments, which is really lucky for me. It’s really hard to find regular, reliable sources for cum!

More updates to “cum”

Jul 242010

I just returned from the glory hole palace, where I was forced by Princess to service some random guy and take the load onto my face. Her assignment was to be Her whore and allow my mouth to be used while she listened and laughed. She seemed to get a particular kick out of hearing the sounds that my throat made while it was getting fucked – it sent Her into peals of laughter, which only increased my desire to perform properly for Her. The hardest part was that I wasn’t allowed to touch myself while I was being Her whore, and I had to make sure that I let the guy cover my face with his cum. Then, I had to walk out of the place with the cum still on me and drive home and beg Her publicly on this blog to let me cum. If this blog entry pleases Her, I will be allowed to call Her and beg over the phone to cum while She no doubt further humiliates and abuses me.

Please Princess, let Your good girl shoot her load! Thank you …