Nov 082010

I took a break from speaking with Princess Jewel, thinking that I could regain some of my lost masculinity. I tried to make a clean break, and even tried calling a few other mistresses. They were okay, but my ability to stay focused on them for any length of time seems to be dwindling. In fact, I felt disenchanted fairly quickly.

Meanwhile, Thumbelina was missing Princess Jewel more and more, and finally, Thumby decided to take the initiative for both of us and reach out to Princess Jewel. (Thumby has more courage than the sissy boy she’s attached to, it seems). Thumby IM’d Princess, and Princess was very forgiving, and told Thumby that I would be welcome to call Her again any time.

When Thumbelina told me that, I realized how much I’d been missing Princess Jewel’s guidance. As luck would have it, at almost exactly the same time, Niteflirt finally re-enabled all their recorded listings. I immediately sampled many of Princess Jewel’s recordings…

All of them are amazing, wonderful recordings, but my favorites are “COCK Tease for Faggot Cock Suckers”, in which Princess describes in detail how she’ll tease you by waving a fat cock in front of your face, not allowing you to suck it until she gives her permission, and “You’re a Sissy, Sissy Faggot!”, which is a wonderful song that Princess improvises, which includes all kinds of taunts and emasculating lyrics.

After hearing Princess’s voice again, I realized just how much I’d been missing Her exquisite humiliation and how good it feels to surrender my masculinity to, and for, Her. It’s like a wonderful drug that I’m finding more and more difficult to live without.

I called Princess and, after making me apologize and explain why I’d been away for so long, we had a wonderful session.

She made me whip up two full shotglasses full of cum and then, after an appropriate amount of pleading and begging, allowed me to gobble down all those tasty cummies s fast as I could. I think Princess wanted me to eat so much cum that I’d get a tummy ache, but after all the cum I’ve eaten, it would take lots more to make me feel sick. I like having a tummy filled with yummy cummies!

Next, I had to use my spoon to fling whipped cum at my face as I recited cockfirmations. Princess got a big kick out of how messy my face got. It was so much fun.

Finally, Princess had me do a TON of cockfirmations as I worshiped “Mr. Cock” (my big, lifelike black dildo). She allowed me to cover Mr. Cock in whipped cummies and then lick and suck them off Mr. Cock. I also had to pretend Princess was with me and pushing my head down on Mr. Cock, as I took him as deep in my throat as I could, and then held it there until I started gagging. Oh, how Princess loved to hear me gag on Mr. Cock!

While I was away from Princess I didn’t get any shipments of cum, and now, just two days since reconnecting with Her, I got word that one of my sources has a new shipment ready to send! I realize now that if I keep working to be a devoted slave to Princess Jewel that I will get all the cocks and cummies I need.

Thank You for taking me back, Princess Jewel!



Nov 072010

sissy cum whore fucks a banana“Tell everyone what a teasing whore you are and how you once again humped fruit for Me.”

That is the assignment Princess gave me after our last session, so here I am losing my masculinity and dignity for Princess. Because I am Princess’ glory hole cock kisser and personal court jester cam entertainer.

It started as usual when my urge to submit backed up on me and summoned me to degrade myself for Princess’ pleasure. Once I contacted her, I was instructed to hit the bookstore with my glossiest lipstick on and my sluttiest pout. Naturally, an anonymous Mr. Big Cock was only too happy to take me up on my obvious invitation and it wasn’t long before I was in the stall, on my knees, and dialing for Princess. She was delighted to hear that I had a cock waving at me through the hole and proceeded to give me detailed instructions on how to serve it. First I was ordered to address it formally as “Mr. Cock,” to declare my desire for it, and to kiss it lovingly. Next, I was to wiggle my panty-clad ass provocatively against it. Finally, I was to kneel abjectly before it, moan softly like a servile slut should, and slowly give it the full Candy Lips treatment. Naturally, I was ridiculously turned on to be Princess’s slut toy, and I worked the cock into my mouth slowly and sensually. Princess reminded me to keep my hips in motion as a wiggly slut should. As I continued, I let the cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, relaxing my throat for some deep, wet, drool-heavy action. It was unbelievably hot to feel the cock filling my throat and forcing the drool up and out of my mouth, turning me into a whimpering slobberer for her amusement. No cock can stand that for long, and soon I was wearing the lucky tool’s load on my forehead and cheek. Not about to let the opportunity for further degradation slip away, Princess made me stay on the line as I left the bookstore so the customers could hear me beg to perform further for her once I got home. Meanwhile, Mr. Big Cock’s cum was drying on my face …

I knew what lay in store – I was going to be fucking a banana peel on cam while she cheered me on. I got home, donned a sissy outfit and called the Princess. First she made me gyrate provocatively like a slutty stripper, and then gave me permission to sensually hump the peel while I told it what a wonderful feeling it gave me and how happy I was to be able to make Princess laugh uncontrollably. As I cooed sweet nothings to my “lover,” Princess (freshly showered and in bed) alternately urged me on sensually and roared with laughter. I wanted nothing more than to please Her, and when I finally shot my load into my gooey imaginary pussy, it didn’t take much urging from her to get me to lap it up eagerly: another banana cream pie for this helpless slut.

Thank you again, Princess, for the opportunity to please You.

Nov 032010

feminized sissy ballsCumwhipper has been AWOL from calling Princess Jewel for awhile and his useless balls needed to be feminized and emasculated, so I decided to take the initiative and contact Her myself. CW had really let himself go. He had stopped shaving the Tweedles (his useless balls – Tweedledum and Tweedledee **giggles**), hadn’t sucked cock in weeks, and has been starting to feel lost without Her influence.

Princess was very happy to hear from me, and that made me so happy! She told me I had to get CW to shave the Tweedles and start getting myself dressed up again. Princess knows how much I’ve missed getting pretty for Her!

tiny penis all dressed upI made CW clean up all the nasty hair around me and shave the Tweedles to make them as clean and smooth as possible. I immediately felt better. I messaged Princess Jewel, and She and I caught up on what had been happening with me and CW. She really wants CW to call Her so she can take advantage of him and humiliate him, so we talked about ways to make that happen soon.

I got all gussied up by tying up the Tweedles with some blue fabric ribbon, tying it into a pretty bow on top! I took pictures for Princess and shared them with Her, and it was so much fun. Then Princess had (yet another) great idea: The Tweedles needed to have nipples! We’d talked about this before, but this time I was determined to make it happen for Princess. I used a glue gun to glue little eye-shaped white sequins with tiny little eyeballs in them, one to each of two press-on star stickers, and then I  pasted the stars onto the Tweedles. Voila! They had nipples. *teehee*

I took lots more pictures of me (Thumbelina – Cumwhipper’s tiny penis!) with the Tweedles wearing their new nipples, and even some with my favorite black satin bra on the Tweedles. Princess said She’d add a couple of Her favorite pictures here from our play time.

It’s so wonderful to be back in touch with Princess Jewel again. She’s my BFF! We’re going to get Cumwhipper back involved here on the cum eating blog, as well. He needs to get back to sucking cocks and eating lots of splooge for Princess ASAP!

Thank you SOOOO much for the wonderful time, Princess Jewel!



Oct 092010

If you want PRINCESS JEWEL to laugh until she coughs, just be a horny cum eater wearing black ski mask along with a sissy pink camisole and stockings on cam for her.

The Beginning – Princess had told me before that she would like to see me dressed and eating my cum on cam, but I have been too nervous to do anything on cam (I didn’t own a cam until today).

I got the cam hooked up and setup a Yahoo messenger account. Next I called Princess and she walked me through the process of getting connected with her and her being able to see my cam picture. Then I told her I would call back in about an hour showered, dressed like a sissy, and ready to eat my cum for her.

When I called back I was very nervous but Princess calmed me down by telling me that she would never share the pictures, since I am not into public humiliation and the cam was only showing me from the neck down.  When I told Princess that I was wearing a ski mask just in case, she started laughing and when she actually saw it she really started laughing (normally I worry that she will give me a heart attack, she gets me so exited, but tonight I was afraid that laughing so hard would give her one).

She made me show her my pink sissy outfit, my dildo, the bouncy ball the dildo attaches to, and the pink doggy plate that she allows me to dribble my cum on.

She made me bark  to prove I was her bitch, and bark to prove how much I needed to fuck my sissy ass with the dildo on the bouncy ball. She made me talk, beg, bark and howl while I was sucking on the dildo (not easy to do). She made me wipe my precum on the dildo then lick it off. Then I had to beg to be allowed to ride the dildo on the bouncy ball, with more barking and howling.

After a while she allowed me to dribble onto my pink doggy plate and lick it up for her on cam. I’m getting hard just thinking about it, right now!

At some point she asked me why I call her as opposed to someone else and I told her that she was the first phone Lady to get me to actually eat my own cum. One of her own blogs on here is titled “New Cum Eater” and that’s me. I should have told her a long time ago that “New Cum Eater” is the same sissy slut that she later named “Fifi”.

I hope this post does justice as to how great it was to be her cum eating sissy slut tonight.

Sep 112010

Cumwhippers useless ballsAfter my Splooge-a-Palooza I was so exhausted I felt like I had to refrain from Princess Jewel’s training for awhile at least. I took almost an entire week off.

Since I’ve started training with Princess, my prescribed bedtime outfit is supposed to include my pink Princess T-shirt (it actually says “Princess” on it), my pink anklet socks (complete with pink bows), and NO boy shorts. Princess prefers that I don’t wear any bottoms at all to bed. I think it’s partly because She wants Thumbelina to feel less restricted.

Well, this last week I was a “silly boy” as Princess calls it. I wore my normal bedtime outfit (white T-shirt, shorts and white sox) and tried not to think about how exciting every call is with Princess.

Whenever I take any kind of break from Her, Princess says that I’m still thinking about or trying to actually BE a man, and that this will get more difficult to do as I get more and more addicted to Her control. I sometimes want to pretend this isn’t true, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t stop thinking about all the amazing and exciting things Princess makes me do, how wonderful it feels to be controlled by Her and how much I love hearing Her giggles as I degrade myself for Her amusement.

So, last night, I was back for another incredible session.

I think Thumbelina called Princess first. Every time I look at my credit card, I see new charges I don’t remember putting there. It seems that Thumby and Princess love shopping, and Thumbelina just loves buying things for Princess. I only find out about these purchases later on. This past week I got yet another package. This time it was two tutus – one hot pink and the other one purple. It’s hard to feel like a man when I keep receiving packages like this in the mail.

I do know that Thumbelina made me put on her lipshine, put the black lace bra on the Tweedles (my pathetic balls named by Princess Total emasculationas “Tweedledum and Tweedledee” are now only useful functioning as boobies for Thumbelina), put gold sparkle on her and the Tweedles, and spray her favorite perfume (Loves Baby Soft) on her and her boobies. She also made me put on the tutus – layering them with pink on top an purple underneath. Then Thumby made me take pictures for Princess. Princess may post a couple here.

By the time I finally surrendered to the urge to call and feel Princess Jewel’s complete control once more, She was ready to do her worst. She and Thumby are always plotting against me, and I think Thumbelina is always spying on me and telling Princess what I’m thinking. On this call, it was all about Princess making me eat lots and lots of whipped cum. I had the rest of Tom’s cum, some of Chris’ cum, and plenty of my own. At one point I was licking whipped cum off Mr. Cock (my 9″ big black dildo), saying cockfirmations and occasionally shooting whipped cum at my face. Princess Jewel was giggling and laughing all the while, and that’s like beautiful music to me now. Princess particularly loved it when I wobbled the head of Mr. Cock between my lips as spoke, making funny sounds (like I love Jeweltopiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa). By the end of the call, my tummy had LOTS of cummies in it. Princess was in a generous mood, I guess, because She allowed Thumbelina to throw up.

I was revved up for at least the next hour or so, and I couldn’t calm down until 3 am.

So much for resisting Princess Jewel. As I write this, I can barely remember why I wanted to try to be a man last week. Being Princess Jewel’s good girl is SOOO much better.



Sep 112010

Princess Jewel had been planning this splooge fest for a while it seems. She knew I’d eventually have cum from other guys and that She’s be able to use my weakness for it against me.

Tonight was my first “splooge-a-palooza”.

As I did various emasculating and degrading things with cum from two other guys (and with my own cum), I was commanded to say “splooge-a-palooza!”. At one point I had my mouth filled to overflowing with whipped cum and pre-cum and was blowing bubbles with it. When the cum bubbles foamed up and out of my mouth and started building up on my face, I either used “Mr. Cock” (my big black dildo) to push all the mess back into my mouth, or I had to use my spoon to catch the cum bubbles it as they ran down my face and then snort it all up into my nose. Princess Jewel was laughing so hard from all of this She was almost in tears. That made me want to do it even more.

Princess reminded me that She’d told me if I sucked more cocks, I’d get to eat more cum, and She was right. Princess is ALWAYS right. Guess I’ll be sucking even more cocks very soon for Princess Jewel.



Aug 312010

cumwhippers feminization*giggles*

Princess Jewel and I love to go shopping on Amazon, especially to feminize Cumwhipper. We buy lots things for her and for me (with Cumwhipper’s money, of course!), but we also have been buying things that Princess says Cumwhipper needs to wear.

Princess likes for Cumwhipper to go to bed without any “boy shorts” on. I like it because the sheets feel good on my widdle head. She also likes him to take his new 8″ thick black cock dildo to bed, too, and to nuzzle on the head of “Mr Cock” as he tries to fall sleep.

Recently, we’ve gotten him a pretty pink T-shirt to wear to bed that says “Princess”. Even better than that, Princess found a website for crossdressers and found pretty pink anklet socks with lace and bows that She wants CW to wear to bed instead of his white sports socks.

cross dressers ankle socksLast night was the first night CW wore the anklet socks, and I made him take some pictures of himself wearing both the “Princess” T-shirt and the anklet socks for Princess Jewel. Princess said She’d include one or two of Her favorites in this post!

All of this is part of our plan to get Cumwhipper to do more and more things that make him feel girly, even if some of them are embarrassing. Princess wants CW to be her “good girl”, and these things all help that along — Not to mention that he’s sucking cocks now, and that we’ve totally feminized his pathetic balls and turned them into my boobies!!!  *teeheeeeee*

I love Princess Jewel!



Aug 192010

Princess Jewel has me so perfectly twisted around her little finger, I’m willing to do almost anything she says. Princess has been using all kinds of different brainwashing techniques to put me deeper and deeper under her control, and it feels so good I not only don’t care, I want more and more of it. I’ve decided to list a few of the different ways Princess continues to use me and addict me to her.

Princess has me do my cock affirmations (“cockfirmations”) whenever we talk. It doesn’t matter what kind of call it is, Princess will have me repeating mantras like “I need real cock”, “Good girls that suck real cock get lots of fresh cummies”, and lately, she’s added things like “I’m a cum hole for Princess”, and “My face is made for servicing cock”. I find myself actually looking forward to doing my cockfirmations. It’s almost like I get a little jolt of adrenaline each time I repeat each cockfirmation. Usually, all the while, I’m doing all kinds of cumeating, sucking my dildo, slapping my face with the dildo, licking up “lines” of cum that Princess has me spread on the dildo, blowing bubbles with pre-cum and cum and making a complete cum-drenched mess of myself as Princess Jewel graces me with her wonderful laugh and amazing giggles. Princess has one of the most addictive giggles I’ve ever heard. I love making a total fool of myself just to hear her amusement.

Princess loves the idea of me sucking real cocks, and either eating the cum “straight from the tap”, or collecting it and bringing it home so I can whip it up for her on cam. So far, I’ve been back twice to an adult bookstore I’d been to in the past. The first trip (which I wrote about in this blog entry – was a success, because I got to suck two cocks, and I got one load in my cum hole and swallowed it. The second trip was a disappointment – no cocks to suck. I know I’ll be back though!

Princess also wants me to hook up with guys through a cruising website I belong to, and just last night she helped me compose emails to seven different guys in my area, letting them know I want to hook up and suck them off (with no reciprocation on their part). Princess has made it clear I’m never to be on the receiving end of a blowjob. That’s fine with me. I don’t really get turned on by guys sucking my cock, anyway. I’m sure this rule has something to do with controlling my orgasms.

One of the most powerful techniques Princess has been using has been having me call her when I’m already in bed for the night. Once I’m all cozy and relaxed under the covers, she has me nuzzle and gently kiss my dildo (Mr Cock, as she calls him) and say “I love you, Mr. Cock”. She tells me stories about Jeweltopia – a wonderful place where dreams come true. Princess Jewel rules Jeweltopia, and the stories of what happens there are incredibly exciting. She mixes in having me do more cockfirmations, and whispers to me in a sweet, beautiful voice about all the wonderful adventures a good girl like me will have in Jeweltopia. These erotic tales, sweetly told by Princess in her soft, lilting tone as I’m in a semi-conscious state, move me very deeply. I think they bind me to her in ways I can’t even describe. I just feel so loved and cared for. I don’t want the calls to end. Thumbelina is dancing in my pants like a crazy little girl as I think about it now.

Finally, Princess has started introducing orgasm control, or Tease & Denial (or whatever you might call it). Last night, she told me an incredibly exciting story about Jeweltopia, but she’d already let me know earlier last night that I was not to “let Thumbelina throw up” (as she likes to call my orgasms) until she gives her permission. When the call ended, Thumbelina had been leaking like crazy, even without me touching her. I was in a blissful, happy, turned on state, and couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. I wanted to cum so badly, but I knew that if I obeyed Princess Jewel’s command to not have an orgasm, I’d be making her happy, so I refrained.

Today, it’s like I’m in a constant state of arousal. Certainly, writing this blog entry and thinking about Princess Jewel and all the wonderful adventures I’m going to have under her direction has got Thumbelina dancing and jumping around. 🙂

Being one of Princess Jewel’s good girls is just an incredible feeling. I don’t know if I could ever turn back at this point, but why would I want to?

Aug 082010

Cumwhipper's feminized ballsPrincess Jewel and I were chatting, and she reminded me that we’d only been back in touch for TEN DAYS! I told her it didn’t seem possible that it had only been that short a time. She and I have already accomplished SO much in that time, and Princess asked me to list my achievements in a blog entry. Of course, without the wonderful and insightful guidance of Princess Jewel, none of this would have been possible.

Princess says that the more we make Cumwhipper get lost in his perversions, the more he’ll be distracted, and the more we can play and I can have space to reach my potential.

So, here is my list of achievements so far,  in pink and purple (Princess Jewel’s favorite color!)…

  • Convincing Cumwhipper to get rid of all of his nasty pubic hair – This was one of the first things that Princess insisted making happen. She had me remind him to do it, and within one day, he’d used a depilatory cream and made all that awful hair go away. He’ll have to do this on a regular basis!
  • Making CW use baby shampoo on me every day to make me as silky smooth and soft as possible – This was a joint idea of both Princess and mine. The baby shampoo leaves me feeling smooth to the touch 🙂
  • Putting on lipshine and perfume every day – I can’t believe how girly this makes me feel. I make CW apply the perfume to both me and his pathetic balls, which brings me to the next achievement…
  • Feminizing the Tweedles – For those who haven’t heard, the Tweedles (Tweedledum and Tweedledee *giggles*) are CW’s balls. Princess and I have been gradually making them more and more feminine. Some of the ways we’ve been doing this are:
    • Keeping them shaved and smooth – the baby shampoo helps with that!
    • Applying perfume to them every morning
    • Turning them into my BOOBIES! – Oh my gosh, this was a genius idea that both Princess and I cooked up. I was talking about wishing I had boobs, and Princess suggested we might somehow use the tweedles as my boobies. To do that, we first ordered a doll’s bra through Amazon – there are pictures of this in another of my posts. But the latest thing is that we made CW go and buy some pretty satin and lace fabric, and now he’s making bras for his own balls. *teeheeee*. Believe it or not, they actually look sort of pretty in the latest pictures. Princess Jewel said she’d post one of them here.
  • Making Cumwhipper go to the glory hole – He hadn’t been there in AGES, and Princess and I basically talked him into going back. She’s had him sucking on his dildo whenever he eats cummies, making him do his cockfirmations on a regular basis, and even having me remind him to sleep with the dildo next to him on his pillow every night. He didn’t stand a chance! *giggles* He went yesterday, sucked two cocks, swallowed a load of cummies, and even wrote a blog entry here about it. Now, he’ll be returning there for sure!

See how much has happened in just ten days?!!! I’m feeling so girly now, I  sometimes forget I’m trapped in a nasty penis 🙂

I love you, Princess Jewel!


Aug 062010

feminizing ThumbelinaTo further my feminization, Princess Jewel helped me find on Amazon some pretty pink Covergirl Outlast lipshine and finisher. Princess told me to apply the lipshine to my entire head and then use the finisher to seal it in and put a shiny finish on it – SOOOO pretty! *teehee*

Princess has some pictures I took, and I hope she’ll post the best one here. I think Cumwhipper needs a new camera, cuz the pink color doesn’t show too well.

From now on, in addition to using Baby Shampoo on myself and on the Tweedles every morning (to help keep us silky smooth and soft!), I also spray Loves BabySoft perfume on us and from now on, I’ll also apply my lipshine and sealer, as well.

I’m getting prettier and prettier every day, and the tweedles are getting more girly, too. YAY!