Sep 062009

I hope this blog entry is not too presumptuous.

Though Princess Jewel likes to remind me what a sissy I am, she is aware that my true wish is to serve Her orally – and I don’t mean Her strap-on. To be able to plant a delicate kiss on Her delectable ass, or even better, to suck and service Her pussy on Her command, is what I would love to do more than anything.

Of course I realize this will never happen, even if I were to have the honor of meeting Her in person. She is much more content to send my sissy mouth out to the glory hole palace to get rammed by man meat.

But now that She has accustomed me to to my role as a cum dumpster, I just want the world to know that I would go to virtually any length to get even a fleeting taste of her Princess Juice. And that means that I would gratefully clean Her out with my tongue after some stud unloaded into Her, lovingly scooping out his cum as a sign of devotion to Her. Or (more likely) she would only allow me to taste Her indirectly. This means She would bring home a stud, seduce him into fucking Her – but not to the point of orgasm – and then deliver his cock, with Her luscious juices on it, into my eager slut mouth, so She could enjoy having her way with both of us.

My name is Cicely and I approved this message.

Aug 242009

This was left as a comment on one of the posts in My Jewel’s Fools blog. I thought it would be much better as a post of its own here in My Cream Pie Cum Eating Blog.

Hi people, I am a creampie addict. When I was married my wife used to go out on friday nights with “The Girls” Little did I know she was banging different guys at the bar we used to hang out at. She would come home at 2 or 3 in the morning, use the bathroom and jump and into bed. I was always horny when she came home and when I would make my move on her, she would always say “Not not tonight I’m to drunk and tired, In the morning after I shower” I never told her my fantasy, that instead of her being out with “The Girls” That I imagined she was getting f****d and filled by some stud and I would get to clean up their sloppy creampie. I found out the truth one day when one of the guys at the bar called and told me what was really going on. He said I feel guilty, I was drunk and your wife came on to me. I knew you guys were married but I Hadn’t had any in a while and was so horny I gave in to her. Shes been banging different guys at the bar every week! I acted mad, but was really getting hot over what he was telling me! Since she had her tubes tied after our last kid It was free shooting, so I knew they didn’t use a rubber. I went on to say OK, tell me what happened I need to Know. He said I can’t, I don’t want to get my a** kicked! I told him I’m not mad I just need to know. (I was rock hard by this time!) So he said OK here it goes. We walked out to my truck in the parking lot, started making out and then we did the deed. I asked him did you come in her? He said “Yes she wanted me to”. I almost exploded in my pants! Then I drove her home. He told me It would never happen again. And I said don’t worry about it;}LOL I told asked him to call me next friday night If saw her go out to the lot with anyone, he said he would. That friday she got all made up and was wearing her sexy miniskirt. She gave me a kiss goodby and said she would be home about the usually time. I smiled and said “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do; That night I got a phone call around 12:30 and was told she was at it again! He said she went out to the lot with two black guys who hang out at the bar, and that he never seen them leave with them before. I acted sad and upset and told him thanks for the call. Are you going to come and confront her he said? I said no theirs two of them, I’ll confront her when she gets home. When she walked in the door I was all over her! I jammed my tongue in her mouth (Knowing she had cock in her mouth, and a load or two I’m sure) Sure enough I could taste booze and salty semen! I was so horny and rock hard I couldn’t control myself! She kept trying to stop me, saying let me go freshen up first. I told her I knew what she had just done and that I wanted her in the sloppy used state she was in! A look of surprise on her face, she started to submit to my advances. I could sense her feeling slutty and getting very excited. You Want To Eat Me, Suck my sloppy pussy! To my surprise she started to take control. She took off her undies (The crotch was soaking with goo) Lick Them Clean She Said! Then She shoved them In my face, I sucked and licked them till they were spotless! You like the taste of another mans cum? Then she pushed me on the bed, lowered her pussy to my face and and made me beg her to grind herself on my face! You like that, You like my dirty sloppy hole, Taste good? I was in heaven! I mumbled MMMMMM YES! as I slurped up her sloppy cunt and brought her to a screaming orgasm. Then she collapsed on the bed next to me and we started talking while I was stroking myself. She asked me how I found out, and how long I knew what she was doing. I told her that I found out a few days earlier, You screwed every guy in the bar at least once, and now that you banged two black guys. It’s my secret how I found out. “She said “You knew I just banged two black guys tonight and still wanted to eat my dirty cum filled sloppy pussy anyway”? Yes I said, It turned me on even more that she just was just fucked by two black guys! You know I milked 7 or 8 loads of nut out of them , the last one in my mouth just before I walked in the door. I know you could you taste their nut as you kissed me she said with a giggle? Does it turn you on to know that your wife was treated your wife like a white whore black cock slut? With that question in my mind I shot my wad all over the bed and answered, That really got me HOT, my balls were on fire! She laughed and said now that you know and like it. Instead of showering after ,I’ll let you lick me clean when I get home! This went on for three years until we were divorced. God I miss those days.

Mar 272009

This guy is so pathetic.  He just sits by as his girlfriend tells him that he is not a man and that if he wants her to stick around, he’s going to have to sit down and shut up!  She immediately cuckolds him by fucking a huge black cock.  Not only does he have to watch her fuck a superior black cock, he winds up dressed in her panties and stockings.  What a pussy!  At the end of the video, she makes him lick the cum out of her pussy.  Then he has to prove that he licked up the cream pie by showing his tongue on camera!  Hahahaha!  What a pathetic cum eater.

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Mar 202009

I love it!  This guy thinks he and his girlfriend are going to do some girl – girl – guy porn.  But, his girlfriend has a big surprise for him.  A big black surprise that is.  Watch him sit right next to her as a black guy eats her pussy, then fucks her with his huge black dick.  Her pathetic cuckold boyfriend just watches her get fucked like never before.  Of course she makes him clean the cream pie out of her cum filled pussy.  That’s what he’s there for – eating cum!

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Mar 122009

Check out how this hot girl tells her boyfriend that she needs as big black cock.  She loves that big black cock.  He fucks her like her tiny dicked boyfriend could never do.  It must be humiliating enough for tiny boy to watch her suck and fuck that huge ebony cock, but you know he still had one more surprise.  Ha, ha!  Watch the cuckold boyfriend eat the cream pie out of his girlfriend’s dripping wet pussy.

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Mar 112009

I spoke to My Cream Pie Guy a night or two ago.  I hadn’t spoken to him in a bit, so it was fun to really get him worked up.  I love to tease him and tell him all about how I fuck My boyfriend just to get a huge load a cum in My pussy to rub all over his face while he cleans it up.  It’s pretty hot, actually.  The last time I spoke to him, I was on such a roll that I had him squirting waaaaay to soon.  Lol!  I can’t help it – I LOVE to tease My bitches and I LOVE to tease him!

So anyway, I ‘ve been checking out this new Cream Pie site a lot lately.  It’s really hot.  There Cuckold cream piewas a picture of a girl holding her pussy wide open with a load of cum starting to slide out of it.  The huge cock she had just fucked and her boyfriend were in the picture too.  He didn’t look too happy though.  She had this great look on her face and was just pointing to her wet, cum filled pussy.  She didn’t have to say a word, all she did was point, and he knew he was the cum eating bitch.

I was looking for that picture to post it, but I couldn’t find it.  Cream Pie Guy knows why I was trying to find it.  Hehe.  But while I was looking through all the hot cuckold cream pie pictures, I found this one!  Kind of a different situation in this pic, but I thought it was great and I had to post it!

I have to say, this picture really has nothing to do with Cream Pie Guy.  He doesn’t have a tiny little cock (or so he tells Me), but he still has these forced-to-eat-cream-pie fantasies.  I think it’s even naughtier that he has these cream pie fantasies even though he has a normal sized cock.  At least you tiny dicks have an excuse.

But, back to the point – lol – I loved this picture and thought it would make a great addition to this  Cream Pie Cum Eating blog!  I just love the looks on their faces while the boyfriend has his head in his hands.  And to top it off, his girlfriend is holding up her fingers like he has a tiny inch worm dicklet.  So click the thumbnail for a bigger picture and click here to see the whole gallery of pics from this set. Have fun, you sluts!  🙂

Mar 042009

You lucky cream pie sluts & cum eaters!  I found this hot new cum eating porn site.  Cuckolds watch their girls get fucked by real cock, then eat the creampies.  I just watched a couple of their movies and they’re fucking HOT!

Do you have a tiny little cock too?  Then these movies are perfect for you – lol.  Watch these hot girls get fucked by huge black cock while their pathetic husbands and boy friends watch.  Some of the cuckolds are even lucky enough to eat the cream pies!  I know you cum eaters love this stuff.  Hehehe.

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Feb 182009

I had a good time with My phone sex Cream Pie Guy last night.  He had a good time too.  So good, in fact, that he just couldn’t help squirting after only a few minutes.

Those lucky little phone sex sluts who know Me, know how much I love to drive you crazy.  Teasing My sissies, faggots and cum eaters gets Me hot.  So, I must have been on a roll last night.  Hehe.

My Cream Pie Guy loves to clean My cum filled pussy and ass.  What a naughty boy.  And I love to make him lick up all the cum.  But last night, I told him all about how I wound up with an ass full of cum.  I told Cream Pie Guy that while I was fucking My boyfriend, I was telling him that I wanted him to shoot a huge load of cum into My ass – just so that I could make Cream Pie Guy clean it up.

My horny phone sex cum eater must have really liked hearing all about how I ws telling My boyfriend to fill My ass with cum just for him.  I could hear him getting very excited a lot sooner than usual.  That got Me kinda’ hot too.  Something about manipulating you sissies and cum eaters really gets Me wet.  🙂

Anyway, before I knew it, Cream Pie Guy couldn’t hold out any longer and shot his load while I was describing exactly how the cum that he was eating out of My ass got there.  What a naughty boy!  Mmmmm!

Jan 042009

I have things all set up so that you sissy faggot cum craving sluts can easily contribute to My Cream Pie Cum Eating Phone Sex Blog Registration Closednewest blog! All you have to do is register and you can write your own posts, leave comments and all sorts of stuff!

I love reading your feedback and so do all the other cum sluts, so I think having My sissy faggots write their own posts will be awesome!  The posts don’t have to be long or fancy – and don’t worry about spelling.  If you make an error, you’ll only get a spanking!  Some of the other girls from NiteFlirt may join us too.

This is totally anonymous, so register now and start blogging all about your cum eating adventures and cream pie fantasies.  You can even make your very own page.  If  you need help – just let Me know.  😉  This is going to be fun!


Princess Jewel

ETA:  This goes without saying, but I will say it anyway.  You may NOT post any nudity, beastiality, water sports / scat, extreme obscenity or underage material.  Posting underage or beastiality related material will cause your account to be terminated immediately and you will be reported to the proper authorities.

Now, back to your regular debauchery…  😉

Jan 042009

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