Nov 182010

Lately I’ve been wondering if it’s even possible for me and My sissy lips to be more submissive to Princess Jewel. After all, She now has me running off to the glory hole on a fairly regular schedule, noisily slurping dick for Her amusement, and getting cum on by one or more stunt cocks while She listens. It’s not hard to conclude that this is about as low as a sissy can go on the dignity scale.

Still, the hunger to push the envelope in order to make Her happier still nags at me: How can I become even more servile? How can I show Her that I am willing, even eager, to be even more of a sissy tramp in order to please Her? What can I possibly do to symbolically express my complete, abject surrender to Her?

And so a thought comes to me. It’s a small gesture, admittedly, but symbolically significant. The next time I go to the glory hole palace I’m going to try something new. After I prep that night’s lucky Mr. Cock with my usual kissing, teasing and tugging, and after a little bit of the patented Candy Lips sensual cocksucking, I’m going to surrender. By which I mean I am going to give up all control of the situation and let The Cock have its way with my mouth.

One thing I’ve noticed when whoring for Princess is that the cocks can get pretty aggressive. If I don’t move my head back, or use my hand to help dictate the pace of the action, those glory hole beasts would really pound away hard at my perfect wet lips. As a provider, I prefer to suck cock sensually, but it occurs to me that a true sissy slut doesn’t impose her will on the cock, but rather surrenders to it.

And what is the universal sign of surrender? Hands up, palms outward, signifying submission.

So the next time I head over to the book store, I am going to get on my knees, do my usual sissy cock teasing action for a while, get the Stud Cock all worked up, and then submit to it in the most complete fashion possible. I’m going to place my hands above my head on the wall in front of me and give up all control, as a gift to Princess. My slut mouth will be totally vulnerable to the cock exploring it. It can pump my lips slowly, it can poke and explore the wet hole I’m offering it, it can fuck my face hard and fast, or it can force its way down my throat and make me gag. It can make me whimper and slobber. It can do whatever it wants. And the whole time my hands will be helplessly against the wall in front of me, unable to slow the cock down or keep it away. I will not pull my head away so I can speak to Princess, as I usually do. Instead, I will simply be the servile sissy cocksucker of Princess Jewel’s dreams and I will love knowing that I am entertaining Her and making her giggle as she tenderly (or viciously) urges me on.

Thank You, Princess, for teaching me how to be the very best girl I can be for You.

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  2 Responses to “Surrendering My Sissy Lips for Princess Jewel”

  1. Such sleazy, slutty sissy lips! Completely desperate to be used as the sloppy, sissy fuck hole that they are. Hehehe. It’s off to the glory hole for you, Candy Lips.

  2. Wow!

    This is truly advanced cocksucking that you’re aspiring to, Candy Lips. I still feel like a newbie compared to you, but I’m inspired by your adventures. When I was sucking my first black cock last weekend, I needed to be mostly in control, or I would have been gagging like crazy on that yummy monster. Maybe one day, I too can let go and let my mouth and throat be used like a cunt for some cock’s ultimate pleasure.

    Can’t wait to read about your next adventure at the glory hole!