Jul 282010

Princess Jewel told me to write a post about my new cum source, so here goes…

I check in on eBanned occasionally, looking to see if anyone is auctioning off cum. Almost always, it’s cum in condoms (blechh- it totally ruins the taste!), or on panties, etc., but when I looked a few weeks ago, a new seller on the site was auctioning off a very interesting-sounding item: “Container full of Good Clean CUM! Over 30 loads worth!”. I checked it out immediately and it sounded perfect. I immediately put in a bid, but someone had an automatic high bid in. It took me a few more bids to beat that. I monitored it for the next couple days and had to outbid that same buyer again. I finally won the bid for $62!

This is a new woman seller on eBanned (and her boyfriend), and she was very good about communication and open to my suggestions about how to best pack the cum, etc..

Within a few days, I got the shipment, and have since done a couple sessions, whipping it up and tasting it. It has a salty flavor and a bit stronger aroma than my cum. It also whips up more slowly and doesn’t get as thick as my cum. A nice contrast, though. It’s always fun to sample new cummies!

I hope to be doing a session with Princess Jewel soon, and I’ll certainly have some of this cum thawed and ready to whip.

The woman on eBanned is open to doing ongoing collecting and periodic shipments, which is really lucky for me. It’s really hard to find regular, reliable sources for cum!

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