Dec 182010

I listened to your recording today on niteflirt called cock cock cock.  OMG it was so incredible.  Made me so hot and hard and wanting to try to suck cock.  Even now as I think about it I am getting hard again.  Your voice was driving me to want to suck a cock and make it cum.


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  2 Responses to “New to the site and Princess”

  1. Hehe – good boy. Listen to My Cock… Cock… Cock recording over and over until it brainwashes your weak little faggot mind.

  2. Princess, yes I will obey you. I wish this was an mp3 recording. I feel like you could trap me and brainwash me, I keep coming back to your site multiple times the past day reading everything. I have not been able to stop thinking about cock this past day. I have been looking at all kinds of pictures of cocks on the internet today.