Jan 032009

I just got off the phone with the Masturbation Princess.  What a skanky ho!  Lol.  This faggot just loves to put on shows.  So today, we had him do an ass munching show while all the hot girls that he knows sat in the audience and watched.

I have to mention his new outfits.  Hahaha!  First slut boy put on a little pair of sissy panties and a camisol.  Both very tiny.  Then, he put on a fishnet body stocking.  I got to see them both on cam.  What a riot.  Faggot boy told Me that these outfits were ridiculous – and he was right!  What a flaming faggot slut he looked like.

So I got whore boy all ready and put him up on stage and made him start licking hairy man ass.  I made sure that all the hot girls he knows saw what a faggot ass munch he is.  Hehe.  One by one, I had him lick the asses of a guy from the gym, some guys from work and finally I made him lick the ass of a good friend of his.

You should have heard him.  He was soooo excited to lick his friend’s ass.  In fact, sissy slut boy was so excited that I let him lick his friend’s cock too.  I had this faggot licking ass, sucking cock, fingering ass and, of course, getting fucked by huge cock in his ass pussy!

My faggot show girl was so worked up in his homo frenzy that I just had to have the guy who was fucking him reach around and stroke off that clitty dicklet.  I told My sissy bitch that his friend from the gym was going to jerk him off into a glass while his faggot ass pussy got pounded.  So, I had My cock whore slurping and wiggling and sucking and fingering and before long, he started to shoot!

My cock loving bitch shot such a big load and he shot it REALLY HARD.  That was fine with Me, of course, because then I got to hear him drink a huge glass full of his own cum.  Like a good sissy girl, he drank his sissy slurpee right down with only a minimum of coughing and sputtering.  Such a good little cock whore!

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  1. Hahhaaa! Typical sissy just loves to have a big audience while he humiliates himself!


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    If anybody asks me, I can mail a vid in where I eat all my cum.

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    would love to see it hon