Jun 142009

Most of you who know Me know all about My Sissy, Sissy Faggot Song. In fact, most of you have probably sung it with Me.  But tonight I had a phone sex call with screw driver boy and I made up a new little song for him to sing.  He loved it so much that he creamed his panties right away.

Poor little sissy bitch was waiting for Me to log on to NiteFlirt all night too.  He had to wait a few hours because I had more important things to do than to humiliate him.  Things like giving Myself a pedicure, taking a long shower and deep conditioning My hair.

Actually, it was pretty funny because he told Me how he loved to be humiliated and fucked over.  Um… fucked over?  Heh!  I made it quite clear to screw driver boy that saying that to Me was quite dangerous.  Fucked over – hahaha! – I could ruin him completely.

Anyway, after we cleared that up, I told him that I was going to have to really humiliate him.  I was trying to think of a little chant, but I couldn’t think of anything that rhymed with screw driver.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Don’t you hate it when a panty boy is humping his panty bump on his mattress wiggling his ass and you can’t think of a good rhyme for screw driver?!

But don’t worry, it didn’t take Me long to cum up with some thing quite humiliating for phone sex screw driver boy!  We had been talking about the blog post which I wrote about making Sissy Dick say “I love to hump my panty bump!” So, I came up with a little variation on that.

I had this poor horny little sissy bitch rub his panty bump on the corner of the mattress while he was standing there with his legs spread and his ass wiggling.  Then I told him his new chant.  I made him sing “I love to stuff My rump while I hump My panty bump!”  HAHAHA!  Actually, that’s not quite true.  I made him say that ridiculous rhyme – he’s the one who chose to sing it.

It was sos funny.  I couldn’t stop laughing and, of course, that just got screw driver panty boy even more excited.  He was so worked up that I let him cream his panties while he sang his song – “I love to stuff My rump while I hump My panty bump!”  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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