Jul 242010

I just returned from the glory hole palace, where I was forced by Princess to service some random guy and take the load onto my face. Her assignment was to be Her whore and allow my mouth to be used while she listened and laughed. She seemed to get a particular kick out of hearing the sounds that my throat made while it was getting fucked – it sent Her into peals of laughter, which only increased my desire to perform properly for Her. The hardest part was that I wasn’t allowed to touch myself while I was being Her whore, and I had to make sure that I let the guy cover my face with his cum. Then, I had to walk out of the place with the cum still on me and drive home and beg Her publicly on this blog to let me cum. If this blog entry pleases Her, I will be allowed to call Her and beg over the phone to cum while She no doubt further humiliates and abuses me.

Please Princess, let Your good girl shoot her load! Thank you …

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  5 Responses to “My Sissy Face Just Got Abused”

  1. I loved making you My humiliated, cum eating puppet, Cicely! Just so everyone knows, I made this sissy cum eater jerk off into a banana peel, while still wearing the load from the glory hole. Finally, I let him shoot his sissy juice into the banana peel and lick it up. What a lucky little slut. Hahaha!

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    Wow, Candy Lips! You’re a lucky sissy slut. I wish I had a gloryhole place near me to go to whenever I felt like it. The nearest one is an hour away 🙁

    • Cumwhipper, you need to get your girly ass to the glory hole and take a nice big tupperware container with you. You can just hold the container under the hole, suck off all the cocks that cum through and spit out the cum to take home with you. Of course, then you will call Me and I’ll make you whip it up and cover yourself with it… one little spoonful at a time!

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    Oh, Princess! If only it were really possible to collect so much cum there. I’ve been to that bookstore a few times now, and the there have only been a few cocks to suck. I’ve about given up on that place. Maybe we can look for new ones together?

    In happier news, I recently won a bid on eBanned and got a container with at least 25 loads of cum in it! It’s always so much fun to whip up and taste cum from a new cock. I’m trying to make this batch last, and happily, the seller is willing to do regular collecting and shipments – what a lucky cumwhore I am! 🙂

    • Ew, you sleazy slut! 25 loads of cum to eat and whip from who knows where. Hehe – what a whore. And, yes we can look for cocks for you to suck. I know u need a steady, stringy, slurpy stream of cum to eat. 😉