Apr 292009

Sissy Cicily has been getting a lot of press lately.  But, since I have a vegetable boy, I guess I should have a fruit boy too.  Sissy Cicily’s night of debauchery started when he emailed Me and told Me that he was going to a strip club.  Then he said that if he didn’t get off, I might have an opportunity later.  Um… what?

I don’t think so.  I made him rephrase that completely like a good girl.  I might have an opportunity?  Yeah right.  So, he realized his mistake and told Me what he really meant was that he knew he had no possibility of getting off from the strip club and that if he was very lucky, he would be able to be My sissy bitch when he was totally teased and denied by the strippers.  Much better.

So, of course, fruit boy called Me a few hours later from the glory hole.  I have listened to this bitch suck cock before.  It doesn’t get old though.  Hehe.  But I did put a new twist on it.  Sissy Cicily loves to suck cock so much that it takes him no time at all to squirt.  Since he started out the night with such a rudely phrased request, I had to make him squirm.

I listened to him slurp and suck and gag and choke and told him to suck, suck, suck.  He was so hot and so excited from being a faggot cock sucker.  I told him to take the load of cum in his face and wear it home!  I wasn’t going to let him squirt so quickly that night.

Poor little bitch reallllllly wanted to cum then and there, but I told him he was lucky to get to cum at all.  And to drive home with a face full of cum.

He called Me back about a half an hour later when he got home – with a crusty cummy face.  But the best was yet to cum!  I wanted him to tease himself more by wiggling his ass and sissy dicklet on something.  What did he have – a banana!  Hahaha!

I made him tease himself and wiggle all over that banana when he said he wanted to fuck the skin!  HAHAHAHA!  Was there a full moon in the last few days?  Cause you sissy sluts have really been on a roll lately.  Being the generous Princess that I am, I told him that he could hump the banana skin if he squirted on the banana and ate it up like a sissy sundae!

That really got him going too!  I was calling him a cock sucking banana humper and all sorts of humiliating stuff.  The more I called him a banana humper, the more excited he got.  Too much!  Finally, I allowed him to squirt his sissy cum all over the banana and eat it like his sissy sundae. What a way to eat cum – by having a Saturday night sissy sundae!

Call Me and you can be My cum eating fruit humper too!

Humiliated cum eating sissy cock sucker

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    You have no idea how much I loved hearing your laugh, Princess. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so used. Your giggles and taunts just turn me into a total cock-sucking bimbo. I only wish you were there to force my head down on the cock and witness my mouth getting drilled. I am your cock-slurping sissy slut, always.