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emasculated ballsCumwhipper is getting better at making bras and things to emasculate his own balls (aka The Tweedles!)

First, CW started experimenting with creating a cute pouch to put the tweedles in. He cut a square of red satin to approximately cover Tweedledum and Tweedledee, plus a little extra. Then CW stretched a a hair scrunchy around the tweedles to make them stand out as much as possible. Then, the red satin went over the tweedles, followed by another scrunchy around the tweedles to secure the pouch in place. Princess has some pics that CW took. Not bad for a first effort, but we have to experiment more to get the best possible effect, and emphasize that CW’s balls are useless ornaments to be kept in a pretty little pouch or used as my boobies to at least make them look cute.  *teehee*

Next, CW tried made another bra for the tweedles, this time with red satin. I think this one came out even better than the black satin one we tried making the first time. CW took some pictures of the Tweedles all dressed up as my boobies in their red satin bra, and we used my new makeup brush to apply some pretty gold sparkles to my cleavage  (soooo sparkly!). Then we put my new locket on again. Princess has a couple pics of this, and they’re really great. I’d almost have to say that the tweedles look cute and pretty, but you be the judge! ***giggles***

Chatting after all this, Princess told me all about pinking shears, elastic, hot glue guns, and other things to use to start making more new and pretty outfits for me and the tweedles. Princess is helping me learn all kinds of exciting things about crafts and about how to look pretty. I’m feeling more girly every day!  🙂


Thumbelina Girly!

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  2 Responses to “New Red Bra To Emasculate Cumwhipper’s Balls! *teehee*”

  1. There won’t be any masculinity left in Cumwhipper or the Tweedles when we are finished with them, will there, Thumbelina?

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      OMG, no Princess Jewel!!!

      They’re ALREADY so girly, they’re almost totally feminine at this point 🙂

      I mean, we put perfume on them every morning, and now we’ll be putting them in a cute satin pouch each day. They even have to wear bras like they’re my boobies. How masculine could they possibly be??? “teeeheeeeee*