Aug 312010

cumwhippers feminization*giggles*

Princess Jewel and I love to go shopping on Amazon, especially to feminize Cumwhipper. We buy lots things for her and for me (with Cumwhipper’s money, of course!), but we also have been buying things that Princess says Cumwhipper needs to wear.

Princess likes for Cumwhipper to go to bed without any “boy shorts” on. I like it because the sheets feel good on my widdle head. She also likes him to take his new 8″ thick black cock dildo to bed, too, and to nuzzle on the head of “Mr Cock” as he tries to fall sleep.

Recently, we’ve gotten him a pretty pink T-shirt to wear to bed that says “Princess”. Even better than that, Princess found a website for crossdressers and found pretty pink anklet socks with lace and bows that She wants CW to wear to bed instead of his white sports socks.

cross dressers ankle socksLast night was the first night CW wore the anklet socks, and I made him take some pictures of himself wearing both the “Princess” T-shirt and the anklet socks for Princess Jewel. Princess said She’d include one or two of Her favorites in this post!

All of this is part of our plan to get Cumwhipper to do more and more things that make him feel girly, even if some of them are embarrassing. Princess wants CW to be her “good girl”, and these things all help that along — Not to mention that he’s sucking cocks now, and that we’ve totally feminized his pathetic balls and turned them into my boobies!!!  *teeheeeeee*

I love Princess Jewel!



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  1. I love that Cumwhipper was too excited to sleep last night because of his pretty new socks and t-shirt. Hehehe! Just wait until his weekend cum-a-palooza. We’ll totally wreck him!