Aug 012010

Thumbelina and I have been totally abusing Cumwhipper all weekend.  Hehe.  We’ve been abusing his credit card too – buying all sorts of girly things to feminize Thumbelina (the girl who lives inside his little dick) and Tweedledee and Tweedledum (his pahtetic balls).

Thumbelina got lots of really girly stuff, including a doll-sized bra to put on the Tweedles to make them into boobs for her.  There’s just no hope of any sort of masculinity remaining in Cumwhipper’s groin.  I got lots of fun stuff too!  A totally hot pair of high heel sandals, hair clip, towel set, etc!

So anyway, Thumbelina just bought Me another email gift card from Amazon for half of the robotic vacuum cleaner, the iRoomba.  You can see it on My wishlist. It’s on sale for only $300 (usually $450)!  Great price.  But Thumbelina’s afraid that if we put more gift cards on Cumwhipper’s credit card, he might notice.  Lol.

So… who wants to make Princess happy and be a GOOD GIRL and buy the other half of the iRoomba (or any part there of) while it is still on sale?  What a great way to say “Thank you, Princess, for totally emasculating Me, making Me eat cum and making My silly little sissy dicklet squirt harder than I ever thought possible”!  The link to send an email gift card is right on My wishlist.

I’m a total clean freak, but, really I have better things to do (especially in the summer time) than vacuum!  Be a good girl and make Princess happy now!!

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