Feb 132009

I love talking to new, um… ‘guys’.  Lol.  Especially when they are nervous.  That’s one of the reasons that NiteFlirt phone sex is sooo much fun.  I love to jump right into their heads and give them a hot mind fuck.  Hot for Me that is.  They are always soooo surprised that I can pretty easily find exactly what their triggers and fetishes are.  And, of course, use those fetishes to torment them as My cum eating sissy bitches.

Call me cum eaterSo anyway, this new guy tried calling some other girl for vanilla phone sex, but couldn’t get his dicklet hard.  Hahaha.  So, then he called Me. Those of you who are already My devoted sissy sissy faggots KNOW I had a great time fucking with his head.

I made him My cuckold, My cock sucking fluffer, My pussy juice licking cock cleaner and My little dicked bitch.  It wasn’t too hard to get him to admit that he really wanted to be My cock sucking fluffer boy.  Hehe.  I love getting guys to admit stuff like that.

So, I taught him how to be a good little sissy faggot cock sucker.  I teased him and called him a cum eater and a pussy cleaner.  I told him his dick was WAY too little for Me to fuck.  And them I made him shoot his little cum load.

I got him sooo  hot and sooo humiliated and turned on that as soon as he shot his cum load, he put his hand right up to his face and smeared his cum on!  He was so worked up to finally eat his own cum and to be My cum eating faggot that I didn’t even have to tell him to do it.  My new little faggot let his load drip down his face and slurped it right up.  Hehe.  It’s so much fun to make new cum addicts!  Want to be My cum eating bitch too?  Call Me, jizz junkie!

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