Jun 292009

Hi everyone, it’s the Masturbation Princess once again. It’s been a while since my last post, but I just had to tell everyone the horny things Princess Jewel had me do today. I was the star of The Masturbation Tonight Show. The audience was treated to a video montage of me doing all the things I love; Having phone sex with men, prancing around like a sissy, masturbating in my own face, etc.. Then after a few questions from the audience, everyone reached under their seats and pulled out big rubber cocks. Princess Jewel had members of the audience come up on stage one at a time, sometimes two at at time, and they took turns humiliating me with those rubber cocks, I sucked and fucked and licked like a little cock whore. Princess eventually had one of my co-workers fuck my girlfriend and made me eat out that gooey creampie! The show ended with a guy from my gym masturbating my greased up pole into another guys sweet little butt and I ate my own cum out of his cute little man-ass. What a show!!! Thank you Princess.

ETA: Don’t forget to mention the commercial breaks, Masturbation Princess. You did such a good job of endorsing that big rubber cock! You must have convinced lots of other faggots to call 1-800-BIG-COCK! Hahaha! ~Princess Jewel Cum eating phone sex

Call Me for your own version of the Masturbation Tonight Show!

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