Aug 042010

Thumbelinas New BraPrincess Jewel and I ordered a doll’s bikini top and we’ve used it as a bra for Cumwhipper’s balls (the tweedles – Tweedledum and Tweedledee!). Now I have boobies of my own!   Hooray!

I think Princess will be putting up some pictures we took of the Tweedles in the bra, and of me posing with my new boobies. I hope my new boobs look sexy. I need to start looking for a boyfriend, after all!

Princess Jewel has so many ideas for making the tweedles be very girly, and we’re having so much fun already.

Princess also had some advice for me about CW : Whenever Cumwhipper starts thinking about getting a girlfriend, I’m supposed to go totally limp, but when he thinks about cocks and cummies, I’m to dance around in his pants like I’m a happy girly. She says doing these things will help keep him focused on important stuff, like wanting to suck cocks and harvest cum, instead of thinking about girls! *teehee*

I’m going to try to keep a photo diary of all the things we do to the tweedles, and all my new makeup adventures and outfits. Look for more pictures to come soon!



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  2 Responses to “Making Cumwhipper’s Balls Into My New Boobies!!!”

  1. We are turning you into such a sparkly girl, you’ll have a boyfriend in no time, Thumbelina! Your new boobies are so sexy. Hehe.

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    OMG Princess! Do you really think my new boobies are sexy?! And do you think I can really get a boyfriend someday soon?

    That’s so totally awesome!