Some lucky guy …

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Oct 232010

… is gonna get his cock sucked tonight. And not just by any whore — but by me, Candy Lips, whom Princess has transformed into the hottest little dick sucker in the county.

I’m not sure exactly how this happened. When I first started speaking with Princess, I was just another sissy, lingerie-wearing dildo worshipper. I was cock-curious, I suppose, but mostly I just liked the symbolism of being a submissive slut. But over the course of about a year (Princess is very patient), She slowly guided me into realizing that I was a bigger whore than I initially realized, and that my true destiny lay in the local glory hole palace, where there was an endless supply of real cock for a budding blowjob superstar to practice on. And finally the day came when I worked up the nerve to enter the bookstore, find a guy with a hard dick, and get on my knees and please my Princess by sucking cock while she alternately teased, egged me on and humiliated me over the phone.

Princess says that this drive is really more about me than about Her, but I think She sells Herself short. There is simply no way I would ever have done this without Her training and encouragement, and it was my intense desire to show Her my devotion that took me over the line. I never do this on my own, only for Princess. I am so grateful for everything She has done to help me see my place – on my knees for Her.

She doesn’t have to do anything anymore to get me ready. The drive is now implanted in my brain – every once in a while I simply get The Need to get on my knees and suck a hard cock for Princess’ amusement. I can’t help it – I am now Her brainwashed, zombie cocksucker: Get the urge, inform Princess, put on glossy lipstick, enter bookstore, find cock, call Princess, see cock, kiss cock, caress cock, beg Princess for cock while she taunts me, lick cock, tease cock, drool on cock, submit to cock, suck cock, get my mouth fucked hard, let cock cum on my face.

It’s going to happen again tonight. Some lucky guy is going to get his cock sucked by my wet, red eager lips. While Princess giggles and reminds me what a slut I am.

I can’t wait.

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