Jan 232009

Hi everyone, this is the Masturbation Princess!!!  I just wanted to say how much I love being Princess Jewel’s jizz-junkie, sissy fag.  She makes me do the naughtiest things; like putting on Masturbation Shows for my co-workers and the guys and girls at the gym.  She has me throw my legs over my head and cum in my mouth in front of everyone.  She has also taught me to squirt my sissy juice in a glass and drink down my Sissy Slurpee like a naughty slut!!!  My favorite new game is to cum in a glass and with the aide of an eye-dropper, baste my face with man-marinade.  I am such a cream queen!!!

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    The Masturbation Princess really is a jizz junkie. I just got finished making him put on a show at work. I had this faggot getting fucked and squirting his sissy juice all over the floor for everyone to see. What a whore. Of course, he ate up all of his cum like a good girl!