Apr 142009

I just got finished with the funniest sissy phone sex call that I have had in a long time.  I was talking to a pathetic, shrimp dicked, cum eating, cuckold bitch.  If that isn’t embarrassing enough, I had to humiliate him more!  It’s pretty easy, after all.

Cuckold panty boy called Me all worked up because he had been listening to his wife getting fucked by big cock.  His little dicklet is so pathetic that she won’t fuck it, or even go near it any more.  So, of course, I had to make him feel even more pathetic.

Among other things, I made him stand up and hump the corner of his mattress through his panties.  Then, I made him get his brush to shove it up his sissy ass pussy.  Then he oozed some sissy cum  juice onto the brush and stuffed it in his mouth.  The first thing I made him do was to keep the brush in his mouth, hump the corner of the bed and say “I’m a cum eating brush humper”.  But since his mouth was full, it sounded like “mmm a mmm eee-ing buth mumpa”.  HAHAHAHA!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  He kept saying it over and over with the brush in his mouth while humping the mattress.  OMFG!

When I was able to control Myself, I finally let him shove the brush up his ass.  Cucky boy went nuts.  He begged Me to let him squirt, so I finally agreed that he could squirt his sissy slime into his panties as long as he slurped it all out of them.   Needless to say, it didn’t take him long.

But that wasn’t enough humiliation for panty boy.  His little peewee was getting hard again, so I had to really ramp up the humiliation for the little cum eater.  I made him put a pillow under his little panties and start to hump the pillow with the brush still sticking out of his sissy ass.

Then it came to Me!  Lol.  I made him start to say “I love to hump My panty bump”.  HAHAHA!  Then, I made him sing it.    “I love to hump My panty bump!”  ♫  He sang it over and over and couldn’t wait to squirt.  I finally let him ooze his cum goo all over his pillow while singing his pathetic sissy song.  He ate some of the cum and I made him leave the rest on the pillow to sleep in.  What a girly cum eater!  Too damn funny.

Call Me, cum eater and I’ll make you a humiliated, cum eating panty boy too!
Eat his own cum

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