Nov 072010

sissy cum whore fucks a banana“Tell everyone what a teasing whore you are and how you once again humped fruit for Me.”

That is the assignment Princess gave me after our last session, so here I am losing my masculinity and dignity for Princess. Because I am Princess’ glory hole cock kisser and personal court jester cam entertainer.

It started as usual when my urge to submit backed up on me and summoned me to degrade myself for Princess’ pleasure. Once I contacted her, I was instructed to hit the bookstore with my glossiest lipstick on and my sluttiest pout. Naturally, an anonymous Mr. Big Cock was only too happy to take me up on my obvious invitation and it wasn’t long before I was in the stall, on my knees, and dialing for Princess. She was delighted to hear that I had a cock waving at me through the hole and proceeded to give me detailed instructions on how to serve it. First I was ordered to address it formally as “Mr. Cock,” to declare my desire for it, and to kiss it lovingly. Next, I was to wiggle my panty-clad ass provocatively against it. Finally, I was to kneel abjectly before it, moan softly like a servile slut should, and slowly give it the full Candy Lips treatment. Naturally, I was ridiculously turned on to be Princess’s slut toy, and I worked the cock into my mouth slowly and sensually. Princess reminded me to keep my hips in motion as a wiggly slut should. As I continued, I let the cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, relaxing my throat for some deep, wet, drool-heavy action. It was unbelievably hot to feel the cock filling my throat and forcing the drool up and out of my mouth, turning me into a whimpering slobberer for her amusement. No cock can stand that for long, and soon I was wearing the lucky tool’s load on my forehead and cheek. Not about to let the opportunity for further degradation slip away, Princess made me stay on the line as I left the bookstore so the customers could hear me beg to perform further for her once I got home. Meanwhile, Mr. Big Cock’s cum was drying on my face …

I knew what lay in store – I was going to be fucking a banana peel on cam while she cheered me on. I got home, donned a sissy outfit and called the Princess. First she made me gyrate provocatively like a slutty stripper, and then gave me permission to sensually hump the peel while I told it what a wonderful feeling it gave me and how happy I was to be able to make Princess laugh uncontrollably. As I cooed sweet nothings to my “lover,” Princess (freshly showered and in bed) alternately urged me on sensually and roared with laughter. I wanted nothing more than to please Her, and when I finally shot my load into my gooey imaginary pussy, it didn’t take much urging from her to get me to lap it up eagerly: another banana cream pie for this helpless slut.

Thank you again, Princess, for the opportunity to please You.

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  2 Responses to “Losing My Masculinity and Dignity for Princess”

  1. I love that someone actually heard you begging Me to go home and fuck a banana while you were leaving the glory hole! You’re such a cock and cum addict now – and I have created you entirely. Hehe. What a naughty sissy girl you are!

  2. Hi Candy Lips!

    What a lovely blog entry.You’re such a good girl for Princess. I really admire your level of devotion and consistency in serving Princess Jewel.

    I love that Princess made you address that gloryhole cock as “Mr. Cock” and speak lovingly to it as you kissed and caressed it with your tongue and mouth. I have a big black dildo cock that Princess makes me call “Mr. Cock”, as well. It gets Thumbelina soooo excited when I worship Mr. Cock, and Princess is particularly amused when I recite my “cockfirmations” with the head of Mr. Cock between my lips and I waggle my head back and forth as I draw out the words “I love you, Mr Cock!”. It makes really funny sounds! Like “Mr. Co-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ck!”, as the fat cockhead bangs softly against each side of my mouth. And it feels so good, too.

    I took a short break from speaking with Princess Jewel, but Thumbelina reconnected with her and convinced me that I need to be back in contact with her, too. I realize more and more how much I crave surrendering my dignity and masculinity to Princess. It’s like a wonderful drug that I’m finding more and more difficult to live without.

    Can’t wait to hear more of your wonderful stories, Candy Lips!