Jun 142010
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  5 Responses to “hi. i am new and hungry for cum”

  1. Welcum, you cum craving slut! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your slurpy perversion?!

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    Welcome to the blog, chrisanne! Please do tell us about your experiences so far. I’m sure Princess Jewel can push you much further!

  3. i have not sucked any cock, but would love to have a big cock throbbing and squirting cum down my slutty throat! After i lick a cock underneath till the pre cum leaks out, i will take the head into my pussy mouth, and swirl my tongue around it for more pre cum. Then i’ll slide my lips up and down the length of it till the cum is released for me to taste and swallow. My panties aew wet just thinking of it! Princess Jewel, willYou help my dream come true, please?

    sissy chrisanne

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    OMG! chrisanne, I love your graphic description. Maybe we could take turns licking and sucking on that yummy cock?!

    If anyone can help you realize your dreams of being a cocksucking whore, it’s Princess Jewel. Just call her and surrender yourself to her incredible power!


  5. You really, really need cock, don’t you Chrisanne? And a big juicy load of sperm swimming down your throat! Call Me and I’ll take you exactly where you need to go.