Mar 112009

I spoke to My Cream Pie Guy a night or two ago.  I hadn’t spoken to him in a bit, so it was fun to really get him worked up.  I love to tease him and tell him all about how I fuck My boyfriend just to get a huge load a cum in My pussy to rub all over his face while he cleans it up.  It’s pretty hot, actually.  The last time I spoke to him, I was on such a roll that I had him squirting waaaaay to soon.  Lol!  I can’t help it – I LOVE to tease My bitches and I LOVE to tease him!

So anyway, I ‘ve been checking out this new Cream Pie site a lot lately.  It’s really hot.  There Cuckold cream piewas a picture of a girl holding her pussy wide open with a load of cum starting to slide out of it.  The huge cock she had just fucked and her boyfriend were in the picture too.  He didn’t look too happy though.  She had this great look on her face and was just pointing to her wet, cum filled pussy.  She didn’t have to say a word, all she did was point, and he knew he was the cum eating bitch.

I was looking for that picture to post it, but I couldn’t find it.  Cream Pie Guy knows why I was trying to find it.  Hehe.  But while I was looking through all the hot cuckold cream pie pictures, I found this one!  Kind of a different situation in this pic, but I thought it was great and I had to post it!

I have to say, this picture really has nothing to do with Cream Pie Guy.  He doesn’t have a tiny little cock (or so he tells Me), but he still has these forced-to-eat-cream-pie fantasies.  I think it’s even naughtier that he has these cream pie fantasies even though he has a normal sized cock.  At least you tiny dicks have an excuse.

But, back to the point – lol – I loved this picture and thought it would make a great addition to this  Cream Pie Cum Eating blog!  I just love the looks on their faces while the boyfriend has his head in his hands.  And to top it off, his girlfriend is holding up her fingers like he has a tiny inch worm dicklet.  So click the thumbnail for a bigger picture and click here to see the whole gallery of pics from this set. Have fun, you sluts!  🙂

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