Oct 092010

If you want PRINCESS JEWEL to laugh until she coughs, just be a horny cum eater wearing black ski mask along with a sissy pink camisole and stockings on cam for her.

The Beginning – Princess had told me before that she would like to see me dressed and eating my cum on cam, but I have been too nervous to do anything on cam (I didn’t own a cam until today).

I got the cam hooked up and setup a Yahoo messenger account. Next I called Princess and she walked me through the process of getting connected with her and her being able to see my cam picture. Then I told her I would call back in about an hour showered, dressed like a sissy, and ready to eat my cum for her.

When I called back I was very nervous but Princess calmed me down by telling me that she would never share the pictures, since I am not into public humiliation and the cam was only showing me from the neck down.  When I told Princess that I was wearing a ski mask just in case, she started laughing and when she actually saw it she really started laughing (normally I worry that she will give me a heart attack, she gets me so exited, but tonight I was afraid that laughing so hard would give her one).

She made me show her my pink sissy outfit, my dildo, the bouncy ball the dildo attaches to, and the pink doggy plate that she allows me to dribble my cum on.

She made me bark  to prove I was her bitch, and bark to prove how much I needed to fuck my sissy ass with the dildo on the bouncy ball. She made me talk, beg, bark and howl while I was sucking on the dildo (not easy to do). She made me wipe my precum on the dildo then lick it off. Then I had to beg to be allowed to ride the dildo on the bouncy ball, with more barking and howling.

After a while she allowed me to dribble onto my pink doggy plate and lick it up for her on cam. I’m getting hard just thinking about it, right now!

At some point she asked me why I call her as opposed to someone else and I told her that she was the first phone Lady to get me to actually eat my own cum. One of her own blogs on here is titled “New Cum Eater” and that’s me. I should have told her a long time ago that “New Cum Eater” is the same sissy slut that she later named “Fifi”.

I hope this post does justice as to how great it was to be her cum eating sissy slut tonight.

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  2 Responses to “Fifi the Sissy Cum Eater Wears a Black Ski Mask”

  1. Watching Fifi the Sissy Cum Eater tonight on cam was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. I know that I just wrote that in another comment, but you cum eating sluts just keep topping yourselves.

    I love knowing that I make My cum eating bitch sooooo hot and sooo horny that he had to go out and buy a cam for Me to watch him. OMFG – what a site it was!!! Pink stockings, panties and camisole and a black ski mask to hide his face! HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Great post, Fifi!

    Hearing that Princess Jewel was the first to actually get you to eat your own cum is exciting. With all the cum I’ve consumed (from my own cock and others!), I’ve never been able to eat it immediately after I orgasm – it’s one of the few barriers I’ve been unable to break through. Maybe Princess can finally get me to do it, too. Although, if She did, I would be even more addicted to Her than I already am (if that’s possible!)