Fifi The Cum Eater

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Mar 252010

OMG!  Just got off the phone with Fifi, My cum eating girly slut. The poor little sissy bitch was  so desperate to eat his own cum it was hysterical.  He hadn’t cum in several days and was totally worked up when he called Me.  He finally got the cock attached to the bouncy ball that I made him order and was all dressed up ready to bounce all over his new cock like the sissy slut that he is.  I also made him buy a pink dog bowl a few weeks ago to lick all his own cum out of.

Those of you who know Me will know that I totally put him through his paces!  Fifi barked for sucking cock, she barked for licking her precum out of her doggy dish and she barked to tell Me how much she loved bouncing on her new cock ball.  If that isn’t total humiliation, I don’t know what is.  You cum eaters and sissies give Me such good laughs!

Reading this and need to slurp your own load?  Call Me, you slut and I’ll make you a humiliated cum eater too!

eat your own cum

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