Mar 272009

This guy is so pathetic.  He just sits by as his girlfriend tells him that he is not a man and that if he wants her to stick around, he’s going to have to sit down and shut up!  She immediately cuckolds him by fucking a huge black cock.  Not only does he have to watch her fuck a superior black cock, he winds up dressed in her panties and stockings.  What a pussy!  At the end of the video, she makes him lick the cum out of her pussy.  Then he has to prove that he licked up the cream pie by showing his tongue on camera!  Hahahaha!  What a pathetic cum eater.

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    What a lucky cucky! Not only does he get the honour of watching his Goddess receive the pleasure that he cannot provide, but he also gets to watch a real man in action. And then he gets to slurp up that delicious creampie mmmmm