Jul 282010

After being inspired by Princess, i dressed in a slutty miniskirt, heels, fake breasts, wig and make-up and drove down to a West Virginia bookstore/theater next to a truck stop on the highway.

I sauntered in to the place, extremely nervous and embarrassed, and quietly paid the 7 bucks to get into the tiny theater (about 6 rows of seats 10 seats across)

I walked across the front row and then went to the back row and sat on the far left, nervous as anything.  Before I knew it the entire last 2 rows filled up with guys and I was told to get on my sissy faggot knees in front of them and start working down the last row, move down to the lower row, work across and then go back up and start again!  I ended up with a cock in each hand and one in my sissy cock sucking mouth for over 2 hours!!!  At least 8 of them came in my mouth and left, 1 guy stayed for seconds, and the others waited and told me they’d get back with me when I went over to the glory hole booths in the other section!  I was was one tired, cum soaked,  sissy cocksucker when I left, but can’t wait to go back!!!

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  2 Responses to “Dick Sucker Strikes Again!”

  1. You sleazy sissy whore! Think you ate enough cum that night?!

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    I think so Mistress! Unless you demand more!