Sep 112010

Princess Jewel had been planning this splooge fest for a while it seems. She knew I’d eventually have cum from other guys and that She’s be able to use my weakness for it against me.

Tonight was my first “splooge-a-palooza”.

As I did various emasculating and degrading things with cum from two other guys (and with my own cum), I was commanded to say “splooge-a-palooza!”. At one point I had my mouth filled to overflowing with whipped cum and pre-cum and was blowing bubbles with it. When the cum bubbles foamed up and out of my mouth and started building up on my face, I either used “Mr. Cock” (my big black dildo) to push all the mess back into my mouth, or I had to use my spoon to catch the cum bubbles it as they ran down my face and then snort it all up into my nose. Princess Jewel was laughing so hard from all of this She was almost in tears. That made me want to do it even more.

Princess reminded me that She’d told me if I sucked more cocks, I’d get to eat more cum, and She was right. Princess is ALWAYS right. Guess I’ll be sucking even more cocks very soon for Princess Jewel.



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  2 Responses to “Cumwhipper’s Splooge-A-Palooza!”

  1. OMG – you were possibly the messiest, most cum covered I have ever seen you. Hahaha. What a total splooge fest – it was everywhere. Cum dripping down your face, out of your nose, covering your neck. You were a true cum covered whore!

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      *teeheeeee* CW was totally in his element, Princess! He LOVES being a cocksucking, cum covered whore for You. I think he needs another trip to the glory holes, don’t Youuuuuuuu?!!