Aug 012010

Well, only my second session with Princess Jewel after my long absence, and Princess has got me craving real cocks more than ever. She had me eating cum and sucking on my dildo for much of the session, while doing my cock affirmations (or “cockfirmations”, as she likes to call them): “I need real cock”, “Good cocksuckers get lots of cummies”, etc..

She also had me coat the top of my dildo with a long trail of whipped cummies and slowly and sensually lick it off, pretending it was a real cock. By the time I finished licking the last of it off, I found myself wishing that it really WAS a real cock – a beautiful, thick, warm cock with a pretty head that would respond to my tongue, and if I did a good job, would reward me with fresh cummies.

Now, Thumbelina (the girl that lives inside my penis) is getting in on the act. She signed up on this blog as Thumbelina Girly, and has already posted an entry.

Princess Jewel ordered me to get rid of all the hair in my pubic region (because it’s way too masculine for such a faggot like me to have all that nasty hair, she said), and I dutifully used a depilatory cream to do a complete “deforestation”, leaving me feeling as smooth as silk. Thumbelina did her own call on Niteflirt with Princess Jewel, and apparently, she and Princess decided to tie up my balls with pretty pink ribbon in such a way to make them look like Thumbelina has boobs. They even used eyeliner to draw a nipple on each “boob”. As if that isn’t humiliating enough, I think they may have gone on Thumby’s Amazon wishlist (yes, Thumby even has her own wishlist – good Lord!) and ordered a doll-sized bikini top that they plan to use as a bra for my balls, and a little locket to wear in the “cleavage” to make it even more pretty.

Princess Jewel has even gone so far as to rename my balls, calling them “Tweedledum and Tweedledee”, or “the tweedles” for short. She says she wants to make them as feminine and girly as Thumbelina, so that Thumby has girly company. She says I won’t be needing them all that much longer anyway.

I think Thumby might even try to get Tweedledum and Tweedledee to open an account on this blog, too. OMG!

At the end of the session, after being instructed to fuck my mouth with the dildo as if it were a REAL man’s cock fucking it, I was finally allowed to squirt my own cummies while holding cum and my dildo in my mouth, as Princess Jewel encouraged me to “Empty little Tweedledum and Tweedledee!!!”

I’m truly fucked, but it feels so good, I don’t care.



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  3 Responses to “Cumwhipper Sinks Further Into Depravity”

  1. Thumelina and I totally worked Cumwhipper and the Tweedles over this weekend!v We turned his silly little balls into breasts for his girly dicklet, spent money on his credit card for presents for both of us (shhh – don’t tell Cumwhipper), covered Cumwhipper in cum and have already got a great start on his total addiction to cock! Hehe. Cumwhipper doesn’t stand a chance.

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    Oh my goodness, Princess! That was SOOO much fun! Your idea on how to give me boobies – by turning The Tweedles into breasts – is so creative.

    We are so going to totally destroy CW! Eventually his useless balls will become nothing but pretty breasts for me (Yay!!!), he’ll be sucking real cocks just for the cummies he can never get enough of, and we’ll spend so much of his money in the process he’ll be broke, to boot.

    Maybe we can get him so addicted to cocksucking he’ll at least be able to earn more money doing it as a whore so we can buy even MORE pretty things for you and me! What do you think??? *teeheeeeeeeeee*


  3. Hehehe! Let’s ruin CW a little right now and buy some new make up for us!