Dec 202009

Hello all!

This is Cumwhipper. My primary fetish involves whipping up cum and eating it and/or making a mess with it. Cum whips up, just like you can whip up egg whites or whipping cream, and it gets really thick and creamy. It’s so thick you have to eat it with a spoon, and I have a baby spoon I use just for that. I always wear a baby bib while I’m doing all this, too.

I’ve spoken with Princess Jewel in the past, and she had a lot of fun making me do all sorts of nasty, messy things with cum. Since then I’ve had other adventures that I’m sure Princess will enjoy hearing all about.

This looks like an awesome forum. I can’t wait to explore all the different ways Princess has been using all my fellow losers and making them suck cock and eat cum.




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  1. Who wants to hear from Cumwhipper? I want to know what Thumbelina has been up to! And what you are both getting Me for Christmas, of course.