Aug 082010

Well, only a week or so after returning to my tutelage by Princess Jewel, and diligently doing all my cockfirmations almost every day, sleeping with my dildo on my pillow, kissing and even sucking it in the middle of the night, etc., Princess Jewel instructed me during our session last night to go back to an ABS (Adult Book Store) that has glory holes to suck cock for her. Actually, she made me promise to do it in exchange for eating some yummy cummies, so she knew she had me over a barrel! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, I followed her instructions! She just has me so entranced that I really do want to do almost anything she tells me to do – or at least make an effort. I went today, and I ended up sucking two cocks in succession.

The first cock was only about 6″, so no trouble getting the entire thing in my mouth. I worked on it with all my best techniques. He pulled out a couple times to stroke it himself, but after he put it through the hole for the last time, I was sucking on it so intently and deeply that I didn’t even realize it when the cock came – most of it went right down my slutty throat. The only way I knew it had happened was when he pulled out and I could SEE some cum still oozing out of the cock’s peehole. Then I started tasting that familiar tingly taste on my tongue and I knew I’d been suck-cessful (teehee)!

The second cock showed up within a couple minutes, and it was a MONSTER. Thisย  thing had to be 8″, and it was thick. I did everything I could think of to make the cock squirt, and as I was diligently sucking and licking away, my cockfirmations started repeating in my head – “Girls who suck REAL cock get lots of cummies”, etc. – and I became like a sucking machine at one point. I even deepthroated the cock a few times, gagging like crazy at one point (oops!). Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this cock wouldn’t cum. Eventually, the guy pulled out and zipped up. ย  ๐Ÿ™ย  I think I need more practice with a bigger, thicker dildo. Princess has already said she would help me shop for a new, bigger and longer dildo soon.

Considering I hadn’t been to this bookstore in over a year, and had had very little success there in prior visits, getting to to suck TWO nice cocks in a row was really a treat. I felt a little bad that I wasn’t able to collect any cummies to bring home and show to Princess Jewel. I also felt bad that I wasn’t able to make the second cock cum. But all in all, this was about the best I could hope for.

Princess Jewel is turning me into a cock sucking zombie for her, and you’d think it might give me pause! Instead, it just excites me more and more. So many cocks, so little time!

I’m sure you’ll be hearing about more of my glory hole adventures soon.



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  3 Responses to “Cumwhipper Goes To The Glory Hole”

  1. Very good! You will have to keep practicing and we will work on your cock sucking technique and really perfect it. Then you will be able to go to the glory hole, open your slutty little cum eating mouth and slurp away! You’ll be harvesting load after load after load of delicious cum.

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    I thought I was Princess’ Best Girl, but I’m starting to feel like my crown is threatened. Looks like I may have to head back to my local glory hole palace, get on my knees and let my wet sissy lips get used and violated in order to prove my worth to Princess.

  3. You will always be My special girl, Cicely! But it seems you do have some competition in the glory hole department lately. ๐Ÿ˜‰