Dec 152010

Cum eaters spoil Princess Jewel!  I have been feeding you girly boys slurpy, drippy, delicious loads of cum all year long.  Now it’s time to show devotion to your favorite phone sex Princess and say “THANK YOU, PRINCESS JEWEL, FOR TURNING ME INTO A SLEAZY CUM EATER!” Hehe.

I am not particularly demanding.  Or fussy (ok, even I can’t write that with a straight face).  The only things I demand from My cum craving sluts are complete obedience and the appropriate amount of respect.  And, oh yeah, to be completely spoiled at Christmas time.

So, if you want to be a good little girly bitch and have Princess continue to utterly emasculate you by giving you sissy cum facials and gooey loads of jizz down your little fag throats, then be sure to show your devotion by buying Me a gift from My Wishlist!

Of course, you cum eaters shouldn’t feel obligated to spoil Princess at Christmas time.  You certainly don’t have to go out of your way for Me (yeah, right).  Just close your eyes, wrap your hands around your horny little cum craving cocks and think about My voice in your ear.  You know you can’t deny Me.

Now remember how Princess crawls into your ridiculous little heads and knows exactly what you need.  Think about how good it is when I jerk a throbbing cock in your faces and cover you with the explosion of cum you so desperately need.  Think about how incredibly intense it is to squirt for Me and how much you love to be My sleazy little cum eating bitches…

You need to make My happy for your cum eating fantasies to be complete.  So, go on… think about how much you need to be My jizz junkies and buy Me something nice from My Wishlist.


Princess Jewel


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  1. Don’t forget to spoil Me for Christmas with a nice gift from My Wishlist!