New Cum Eater

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May 032009

I love making new cum eaters! This guy called Me the other night telling Me all about how he has fantasies about eating his own cum and asking Me if I could make him eat his load. Hehe – think I can do it?

Turns out he was all dressed up like a sissy whore. He had on panties, a bra and stockings. Oh yeah, he had a huge butt plug too. He told Me that he wanted to be forced to eat his own cum, because he always chickens out.

But making him eat his own cum wasn’t enough for Me. I had to push his boundaries too. I could tell that he didn’t want to admit it, but I knew he had a secret cock sucking fantasy. I mean really, would he be all dressed up like a sissy whore with a big butt plug ready to go if he didn’t have these fantasies. Hehe.

So, of course I made him slurp his precum and admit that he is a nasty cum eating whore. I asked him if he had ever cum in his own face with his legs over his head, but he said that was pretty uncomfortable. Um, ok – but the outfit isn’t uncomfortable? Same with admitting that he wants to suck cock. That might make him a faggot – but, of course, his slutty sissy outfit wouldn’t. Hahaha!

I had lots of fun putting him through his paces and getting him so worked up by pushing his boundaries. I love that. There’s something about getting a guy ridiculously hot while he is uncomfortable in some way that I love. And that’s exactly what I did. I got him so hot that he couldn’t stand it anymore – and, yes, I made him eat his own cum for the very first time! What a good girl!

Call Me and you’ll be My cum eating bitch too!

Eat your own cum

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