Feb 192009

It seems I’ve created a cock sucking monster.  Well, as much of a monster as a sissy can be!  Lol.  I got an email from one of My girly whores today saying that it was like he was under a spell.  A cock sucking spell.  He just couldn’t get his mind off of cock, so he wanted to get his mouth on to cock.

Off to the glory hole My cock sucker went.  He had strict orders to wear only a bra and panties.  I wanted his bare knees on the sleazy floor while his throat got fucked.  And that’s pretty much what happened.  My sissy boy begged and begged to touch the hefty cock that was poking through the hole, and then to suck it adoringly.

I listened as he slurped and licked and sucked that cock, but told him he was not allowed to cum until he had a face full of cum.  Hehe.  That really sent him over the edge though.  My order gave him just the little push he needed to slide the condom off that glory hole cock and to suck it bare back.

What a little cum whore he turned into!  He loved tasting the cock without a condom on it.  He loved devouring the cock without a condom on it.  Then he loved stroking it right in front of his face.  What a good glory hole girl!  He stroked that hard cock and made it splatter all over his face.  I could tell by his voice the moment of impact.  🙂

When My glory hole sissy cock sucker cum facial girl (lol-what a slut!) was covered with cum and was finally allowed to touch his sissy clit, he shot his own sissy cum load in about 30 seconds.  I love getting this cock sucker more and more addicted to cock – and hearing him get a fresh cum facial was like the cherry on top!

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    Princess, it was amazing to take that blast on my cheek and mouth and wear his load for your amusement. Your giggle and laughter is a very powerful motivating force for me. Thank you for letting me entertain you – I look forward to further adventures. I want to be your very best girl in your stable of sissy whores.