My Cream Pie Guy

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Feb 182009

I had a good time with My phone sex Cream Pie Guy last night.  He had a good time too.  So good, in fact, that he just couldn’t help squirting after only a few minutes.

Those lucky little phone sex sluts who know Me, know how much I love to drive you crazy.  Teasing My sissies, faggots and cum eaters gets Me hot.  So, I must have been on a roll last night.  Hehe.

My Cream Pie Guy loves to clean My cum filled pussy and ass.  What a naughty boy.  And I love to make him lick up all the cum.  But last night, I told him all about how I wound up with an ass full of cum.  I told Cream Pie Guy that while I was fucking My boyfriend, I was telling him that I wanted him to shoot a huge load of cum into My ass – just so that I could make Cream Pie Guy clean it up.

My horny phone sex cum eater must have really liked hearing all about how I ws telling My boyfriend to fill My ass with cum just for him.  I could hear him getting very excited a lot sooner than usual.  That got Me kinda’ hot too.  Something about manipulating you sissies and cum eaters really gets Me wet.  🙂

Anyway, before I knew it, Cream Pie Guy couldn’t hold out any longer and shot his load while I was describing exactly how the cum that he was eating out of My ass got there.  What a naughty boy!  Mmmmm!

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