Nov 182010

Lately I’ve been wondering if it’s even possible for me and My sissy lips to be more submissive to Princess Jewel. After all, She now has me running off to the glory hole on a fairly regular schedule, noisily slurping dick for Her amusement, and getting cum on by one or more stunt cocks while [Read more…]

Nov 082010

I took a break from speaking with Princess Jewel, thinking that I could regain some of my lost masculinity. I tried to make a clean break, and even tried calling a few other mistresses. They were okay, but my ability to stay focused on them for any length of time seems to be dwindling. In [Read more…]

Nov 072010

“Tell everyone what a teasing whore you are and how you once again humped fruit for Me.” That is the assignment Princess gave me after our last session, so here I am losing my masculinity and dignity for Princess. Because I am Princess’ glory hole cock kisser and personal court jester cam entertainer. It started [Read more…]

Nov 032010

Cumwhipper has been AWOL from calling Princess Jewel for awhile and his useless balls needed to be feminized and emasculated, so I decided to take the initiative and contact Her myself. CW had really let himself go. He had stopped shaving the Tweedles (his useless balls – Tweedledum and Tweedledee **giggles**), hadn’t sucked cock in [Read more…]

Oct 232010

… is gonna get his cock sucked tonight. And not just by any whore — but by me, Candy Lips, whom Princess has transformed into the hottest little dick sucker in the county. I’m not sure exactly how this happened. When I first started speaking with Princess, I was just another sissy, lingerie-wearing dildo worshipper. [Read more…]

Oct 092010

If you want PRINCESS JEWEL to laugh until she coughs, just be a horny cum eater wearing black ski mask along with a sissy pink camisole and stockings on cam for her. The Beginning – Princess had told me before that she would like to see me dressed and eating my cum on cam, but [Read more…]

Sep 252010

Well, I had another night of exquisite humiliation at the hands of Princess Jewel this week. It all began with me having an attack of sissy-itis; on the spur of the moment, I donned my new pink polka dot panties and IM-ed Princess, offering (OK, begging) to show them to her on my webcam. She [Read more…]

Sep 112010

After my Splooge-a-Palooza I was so exhausted I felt like I had to refrain from Princess Jewel’s training for awhile at least. I took almost an entire week off. Since I’ve started training with Princess, my prescribed bedtime outfit is supposed to include my pink Princess T-shirt (it actually says “Princess” on it), my pink [Read more…]

Sep 112010

Princess Jewel had been planning this splooge fest for a while it seems. She knew I’d eventually have cum from other guys and that She’s be able to use my weakness for it against me. Tonight was my first “splooge-a-palooza”. As I did various emasculating and degrading things with cum from two other guys (and [Read more…]

Aug 312010

*giggles* Princess Jewel and I love to go shopping on Amazon, especially to feminize Cumwhipper. We buy lots things for her and for me (with Cumwhipper’s money, of course!), but we also have been buying things that Princess says Cumwhipper needs to wear. Princess likes for Cumwhipper to go to bed without any “boy shorts” [Read more…]