Dec 192010

I listened to Princess’s phone sex cock sucking recording more called “Cock Cock Cock.” It is so wonderful, she is in my head, I hear her saying cock, cock, cock, I repeat all the time, I do want to become a cock sucker so much now.  She seems to be pushing me over the edge into [Read more…]

Nov 182010

Lately I’ve been wondering if it’s even possible for me and My sissy lips to be more submissive to Princess Jewel. After all, She now has me running off to the glory hole on a fairly regular schedule, noisily slurping dick for Her amusement, and getting cum on by one or more stunt cocks while [Read more…]

Nov 072010

“Tell everyone what a teasing whore you are and how you once again humped fruit for Me.” That is the assignment Princess gave me after our last session, so here I am losing my masculinity and dignity for Princess. Because I am Princess’ glory hole cock kisser and personal court jester cam entertainer. It started [Read more…]

Oct 232010

… is gonna get his cock sucked tonight. And not just by any whore — but by me, Candy Lips, whom Princess has transformed into the hottest little dick sucker in the county. I’m not sure exactly how this happened. When I first started speaking with Princess, I was just another sissy, lingerie-wearing dildo worshipper. [Read more…]

Sep 252010

Well, I had another night of exquisite humiliation at the hands of Princess Jewel this week. It all began with me having an attack of sissy-itis; on the spur of the moment, I donned my new pink polka dot panties and IM-ed Princess, offering (OK, begging) to show them to her on my webcam. She [Read more…]

Aug 202010

What a lucky little glory hole cock sucker to wind up with a lollipop dripping with cum!  I got an IM from one of My sissy girlz tonight, ’cause he was hungry for man cream.  And when I get a message like that from him, it can only mean one thing.  He’s craving a big [Read more…]

Aug 192010

Princess Jewel has me so perfectly twisted around her little finger, I’m willing to do almost anything she says. Princess has been using all kinds of different brainwashing techniques to put me deeper and deeper under her control, and it feels so good I not only don’t care, I want more and more of it. [Read more…]

Aug 082010

Princess Jewel and I were chatting, and she reminded me that we’d only been back in touch for TEN DAYS! I told her it didn’t seem possible that it had only been that short a time. She and I have already accomplished SO much in that time, and Princess asked me to list my achievements [Read more…]

Aug 082010

Well, only a week or so after returning to my tutelage by Princess Jewel, and diligently doing all my cockfirmations almost every day, sleeping with my dildo on my pillow, kissing and even sucking it in the middle of the night, etc., Princess Jewel instructed me during our session last night to go back to [Read more…]