Nov 032010

Cumwhipper has been AWOL from calling Princess Jewel for awhile and his useless balls needed to be feminized and emasculated, so I decided to take the initiative and contact Her myself. CW had really let himself go. He had stopped shaving the Tweedles (his useless balls – Tweedledum and Tweedledee **giggles**), hadn’t sucked cock in [Read more…]

Sep 112010

After my Splooge-a-Palooza I was so exhausted I felt like I had to refrain from Princess Jewel’s training for awhile at least. I took almost an entire week off. Since I’ve started training with Princess, my prescribed bedtime outfit is supposed to include my pink Princess T-shirt (it actually says “Princess” on it), my pink [Read more…]

Aug 312010

*giggles* Princess Jewel and I love to go shopping on Amazon, especially to feminize Cumwhipper. We buy lots things for her and for me (with Cumwhipper’s money, of course!), but we also have been buying things that Princess says Cumwhipper needs to wear. Princess likes for Cumwhipper to go to bed without any “boy shorts” [Read more…]

Aug 192010

Princess Jewel has me so perfectly twisted around her little finger, I’m willing to do almost anything she says. Princess has been using all kinds of different brainwashing techniques to put me deeper and deeper under her control, and it feels so good I not only don’t care, I want more and more of it. [Read more…]

Aug 132010

Cumwhipper is getting better at making bras and things to emasculate his own balls (aka The Tweedles!) First, CW started experimenting with creating a cute pouch to put the tweedles in. He cut a square of red satin to approximately cover Tweedledum and Tweedledee, plus a little extra. Then CW stretched a a hair scrunchy [Read more…]

Aug 082010

Princess Jewel and I were chatting, and she reminded me that we’d only been back in touch for TEN DAYS! I told her it didn’t seem possible that it had only been that short a time. She and I have already accomplished SO much in that time, and Princess asked me to list my achievements [Read more…]

Aug 082010

Well, only a week or so after returning to my tutelage by Princess Jewel, and diligently doing all my cockfirmations almost every day, sleeping with my dildo on my pillow, kissing and even sucking it in the middle of the night, etc., Princess Jewel instructed me during our session last night to go back to [Read more…]

Aug 062010

To further my feminization, Princess Jewel helped me find on Amazon some pretty pink Covergirl Outlast lipshine and finisher. Princess told me to apply the lipshine to my entire head and then use the finisher to seal it in and put a shiny finish on it – SOOOO pretty! *teehee* Princess has some pictures I [Read more…]

Aug 042010

Princess Jewel and I ordered a doll’s bikini top and we’ve used it as a bra for Cumwhipper’s balls (the tweedles – Tweedledum and Tweedledee!). Now I have boobies of my own!   Hooray! I think Princess will be putting up some pictures we took of the Tweedles in the bra, and of me posing [Read more…]