Mar 182009

Thank you for the new name Princess.  I got so excited to hear my new name I called my man Stephen and told to come over as soon as he could.  When he arrived I was all dressed up, wet, and ready for him.  I told Stephen from now on he was to call me “Jessie” when were fucking.  Stephen looked at me a little strange and said he didn’t he could do that.  When I asked why he said, “You know damn well me wife’s name is Jenny and Jessie is just too damn close.”  In all honesty I had actually forgot but I found the whole scenario a little funny and kinky.  So I grabbed his zipper, pulled his cock out and gave him a quick lick.  I repeated, “You will call me Jessie.”

The next thing out of his mouth was “Oh Jen – ah Jessie!”

I lead him straight to the bedroom and went to work on his beautiful, long,  hard cock.  The whole time I had him in my mouth I kept thinking of Jenny and why in the world she only blew this great cock when she wanted presents or in homoer of  his birthday.  The bitch has never even  swallowed or taken a facial.  I have to admit I felt a little guilty taking him from his wife, but not for long.  I kept thinking of how Stephen would tell me when he cums she makes him run for a towel and a wet wash cloth to clean up.  I got a perverse little thought running through my head that I would just hang around when they fucked and take his load when they finished.  Oh well, a girl can dream.

I finished off Stephen to a nice warm load that filled my mouth and left a little dribbling from the corners.  I do love the way the warmth of his cum slowly slides down my throat and into my belly.  There is just no better taste.  As much as I love his cum and savored the delicious treat he deposited for me, I wanted FUCKED!!!  I gave Stephen a few minutes to recoup and then started playing with his cock again.  Stroking it nice and slow.  Licking the head to clean off the last few remnants of his last load.  Then I swallowed his cock whole and held it in my mouth and throat until I could feel it swell to its full hardness.

I then rolled onto to my back and pulled Stephen over me.  I looked in his eyes and told him to fuck me.  Stephen grabbed a condom and the lube from my bedside drawer and he was ready to pound me.  I knew it would be a good long fuck since I had just drained his nuts less than 15 minutes ago.  As Stephen slammed in and out of me, I looked into his eyes and told him to call me Jessie once more.  Stephen looked down at me and grunted “You little sissy bitch.  You love my cock don’t you Jessie?”  I just smiled and fell back enjoying the plowing he was giving me.

Stephen then threw my legs up over his shoulders and really started humping faster and harder.  I gritted my teeth and yelled “CALL ME JESSIE!!!”  Stephen looked bewildered and managed to force out “FUCK YEAH JESSIE” two quick times before pulling out, tossing aside his condom, and shooting his second load on my chest.

As I lay on the bed rubbing his cum into my chest, I realized just how much I must be messing with his head.  He typically goes by Steve, but I always call him Stephen.  My name is Jeffrey, but now he has to call me Jessie.  Plus his wife’s name is Jenny.  Poor bastard.  I don’t know he kept his cock hard trying to keep all the names straight let alone still managed to cum.  Oh well, I just hope he doesn’t fuck his wife and call Jenny “Jessie”  – or maybe I do!


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    Jessie, you are such a sissy slut. Next time, call Me when he fucks you so I can hear it and tell you what a faggot you are.