Banana Cream Pie

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Sep 252010

Well, I had another night of exquisite humiliation at the hands of Princess Jewel this week. It all began with me having an attack of sissy-itis; on the spur of the moment, I donned my new pink polka dot panties and IM-ed Princess, offering (OK, begging) to show them to her on my webcam. She was delighted and indicated that it was imperative that I wear them to the glory hole that night and get my mouth fucked good and hard.

So off I went with my panties, my lipstick and my lollipop, traipsing into the palace like the slut tease that Princess has molded me into. My wet red lip gloss and seductive sucking on the lolli started a veritable stampede, but since I am a first cum, first serve whore, I knew it was my duty to simply take care of the first guy who stuffed his cock through the hole in my booth. Fortunately, it was a nice one, fat and very hard, but by previous agreement, I wasn’t allowed to suck it immediately; instead I played a game of Cock Dodger – I stroked, licked and kissed the cock, getting it nice and wet (and marked with lipstick), but didn’t let the poor guy get it into my mouth. He kept thrusting and I kept drooling and dodging. I can be such a tease! Finally, Princess, who was complimenting me on my wicked ways as she listened to my kissing and slurping, allowed me to help the poor guy out, and I gave him my sissy best. After a few minutes of increasingly intense cock-sucking, I submitted entirely, putting my whore lips almost up against the hole in the booth and allowing him to plunder my wet, wet hole. Naturally, my skilled sucking brought him to climax and he blasted his load, some of which I was fortunate enough to capture on the lollipop. At Princess’s instruction, I twirled the load around the purple pop and sucked it down like a true tramp. Sweet, sweet cum.

Naturally, Princess didn’t allow me to cum myself during this face-fucking; instead I was ordered to go back home and degrade myself further by fucking a banana peel while she watched me on cam. So back I went, meek and horny. Once I got home, I carefully slit open a banana and removed the fruit while keeping the peel as intact as possible. Then I turned my cam on, called Princess again and submitted to her orders. First I wrapped the peel around my sissy tool and slowly and sensually started humping it. Princess encouraged me to speak to the fruit lovingly, and She was soon in peals of laughter as I desperately whispered sweet nothings to my “lover,” telling Mr. Banana how good he felt around my cock and how much better the feeling was than actual pussy. In truth, performing almost any act for Princess’s enjoyment, no matter how humiliating or depraved, is the best kind of sex that one can have.

I tried to drag out my banana-humping as long as possible because Princess was getting such a kick out of it, but after a while I couldn’t hold back and released my sissy load into the sticky fruit. Princess might have been in tears at this point because I was putting on such a good show. You can imagine what the final act of my performance was – that’s right, I had to clean up my creamy mess and enjoy a banana cream pie for the fabulous Princess.

I am a helpless, hopeless cum dumpster when Princess gets her hooks in me, and I am beyond grateful for her instruction and attention.

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  3 Responses to “Banana Cream Pie”

  1. Watching your sissy stick hump that banana peel was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while (and that’s saying a lot)! Sucking cock at the glory hole got you so worked up that you really gave the banana peel everything you had. Hahahaha. And of course humiliating yourself for Me is better than pussy – you’re My horny little sissy girl – what more could you ask for?

  2. Oh my gosh, Candy Lips! What a wonderful post. Thank you for this.

    Your description of the game of “Cock Dodger” makes it sound like SOOO much fun – licking and kissing that pretty cock but not allowing it into your talented mouth really is a major tease. What’s really exciting, though, is the idea of Princess Jewel actively listening in and directing you as you got to suck that lucky cock to completion and play with the cum on your lollipop! Princess has trained you so well.

    You’re so lucky that your close to the glory holes. If I were that close, I might be there every day.


  3. Princess has indeed trained me well. At the glory hole, She kept complimenting me for acting like a spoiled hot cockteasing high school slut, which only made me want to string the poor guy along even more. But once She gave me the order to give my mouth up, I knew it was my job to please Her, and if that meant allowing my throat to be drilled mercilessly, then it was my sissy duty to offer the wettest, reddest, most Candy-tastic blow job possible.

    I am not as cum-obsessed as you, which means that when She has me taking blasts of it on my cheek or across my forehead or onto the lolli for ingestion, it is deeply humiliating.

    But … She is the Princess. I do as instructed. I am just her turned out whore.