Cum addicted cocksucker for Princess Jewel!

Nov 142010

Thanks to Princess Jewel, Cumwhipper finally sucked his first black cock!  This past week, Princess Jewel helped me contact several guys on a cruising site that I’ve used to find bookstores with glory holes, and to find guys to hook up with to practice sucking cock. One of the guys is black and has a [Read more…]

Nov 082010

I took a break from speaking with Princess Jewel, thinking that I could regain some of my lost masculinity. I tried to make a clean break, and even tried calling a few other mistresses. They were okay, but my ability to stay focused on them for any length of time seems to be dwindling. In [Read more…]

Sep 112010

After my Splooge-a-Palooza I was so exhausted I felt like I had to refrain from Princess Jewel’s training for awhile at least. I took almost an entire week off. Since I’ve started training with Princess, my prescribed bedtime outfit is supposed to include my pink Princess T-shirt (it actually says “Princess” on it), my pink [Read more…]

Sep 112010

Princess Jewel had been planning this splooge fest for a while it seems. She knew I’d eventually have cum from other guys and that She’s be able to use my weakness for it against me. Tonight was my first “splooge-a-palooza”. As I did various emasculating and degrading things with cum from two other guys (and [Read more…]

Aug 222010

Princess Jewel has me using a cruising website which allows users to interact via email and chat. She’s had me sending out slutty emails to guys, saying things like: “I’d love to have my lips wrapped around your big, delicious cock.”, “Eager to make you blow your load.”, and “Wanna use my mouth and throat?”. [Read more…]

Aug 192010

Princess Jewel has me so perfectly twisted around her little finger, I’m willing to do almost anything she says. Princess has been using all kinds of different brainwashing techniques to put me deeper and deeper under her control, and it feels so good I not only don’t care, I want more and more of it. [Read more…]

Aug 082010

Well, only a week or so after returning to my tutelage by Princess Jewel, and diligently doing all my cockfirmations almost every day, sleeping with my dildo on my pillow, kissing and even sucking it in the middle of the night, etc., Princess Jewel instructed me during our session last night to go back to [Read more…]

Aug 012010

Well, only my second session with Princess Jewel after my long absence, and Princess has got me craving real cocks more than ever. She had me eating cum and sucking on my dildo for much of the session, while doing my cock affirmations (or “cockfirmations”, as she likes to call them): “I need real cock”, [Read more…]

Jul 312010

I don’t remember how long ago it was that I did my last call with Princess Jewel – over 2 years, perhaps (WAY too long) – and I’d almost forgotten how deliciously dominating she is. And that laugh is still among the sexiest and hottest I’ve ever heard. I did a nice long call with [Read more…]

Jul 282010

Princess Jewel told me to write a post about my new cum source, so here goes… I check in on eBanned occasionally, looking to see if anyone is auctioning off cum. Almost always, it’s cum in condoms (blechh- it totally ruins the taste!), or on panties, etc., but when I looked a few weeks ago, [Read more…]