Princess Jewel


NiteFlirt's Queen of sissification, forced fem and cum eating.

Nov 102015

Brainwashed To Eat Your Own Cum, My cum eating mp3 has been released! It is just what My sissy cum sluts have been waiting for! If think about eating your own cum or need to be brain washed to eat your own cum, this fetish cum eating mp3 is for you! Even if you already [Read more…]

Dec 152010

Cum eaters spoil Princess Jewel!  I have been feeding you girly boys slurpy, drippy, delicious loads of cum all year long.  Now it’s time to show devotion to your favorite phone sex Princess and say “THANK YOU, PRINCESS JEWEL, FOR TURNING ME INTO A SLEAZY CUM EATER!” Hehe. I am not particularly demanding.  Or fussy [Read more…]

Aug 202010

What a lucky little glory hole cock sucker to wind up with a lollipop dripping with cum!  I got an IM from one of My sissy girlz tonight, ’cause he was hungry for man cream.  And when I get a message like that from him, it can only mean one thing.  He’s craving a big [Read more…]

Aug 012010

Thumbelina and I have been totally abusing Cumwhipper all weekend.  Hehe.  We’ve been abusing his credit card too – buying all sorts of girly things to feminize Thumbelina (the girl who lives inside his little dick) and Tweedledee and Tweedledum (his pahtetic balls). Thumbelina got lots of really girly stuff, including a doll-sized bra to [Read more…]

Jul 202010

I had a great time tormenting one of My girly cum eaters tonight!  He has been calling Me for a couple of months now, and had been getting totally addicted to Me.  So, tonight I thought I would test just how devoted his little sissy dick is to Me and ruin his orgasm. I love [Read more…]

Mar 252010

OMG!  Just got off the phone with Fifi, My cum eating girly slut. The poor little sissy bitch was  so desperate to eat his own cum it was hysterical.  He hadn’t cum in several days and was totally worked up when he called Me.  He finally got the cock attached to the bouncy ball that [Read more…]